The Weekly Makeup Edit #02

I've recently been away so this week's makeup favourites have been none other than the convenient palettes I took with me, which is a bit of a cheat really. The MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette has been exceptional at providing the essential golds and bronzes I needed for my holiday in the Pacific, with the inclusion of matte and shimmer finishes in the 15 different eyeshadows to create varied makeup looks. These shadows were placed on a yellow toned beige base in the form of MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot which has been my go-to eyeshadow base for years! Eyes were lined with MAC Avenue Fluidline for a glimmery black. Cheeks were free to choose their blush of the day with the 6-pack NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette. To complement any (and I really say ANY) of the possible looks, Revlon Cherish Kissable Balm Stain was the week favourite for its understated but the ultimate girly warm-toned pink.

So that's the edit for the week, what about yourself, care to share any of your favourite stash finds this week?

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  1. These products look amazing <3 I have Soft Ochre and I love it x

  2. i love the NARS blush palette and it just went out of stock before i cud get mine. Loved all the products you features. Instead of Soft Ochre, I use Groundwork on my clients since it matches Indian skin colors better.

  3. I just want to say blog is very nice. One more information about a specialists who is famous for beauty tips.


  4. I stalked the NARS website for the blush palette for weeks and I was lucky enough to catch it when it restocked! Thanks for the tip, I'll recommend Groundwork to my Asian friends!

  5. Aw there's a light at the end of the tunnel, you'll finish your finals soon! x


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