Rose de Mai Fragonard for Women Fragrance Review

Do you dream of laying in a bed of roses?

Here's a fragrance that wraps you up in a fresh dewy and irresistible rose scent akin to that a bed of roses but without the thorns! Created in 1998, the classic Rose de Mai, the French rose by Fragonard combines rose with black currant, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang to create that old-fashioned rose grown on the South of France scent. Main accords are of rose, floral, white floral, green and woody.

The product feels very luxurious and the packaging elegantly simple. Very French. It comes in a bottle with a pump. All you have to do is spritz!

It's a lovely rose with hints of violets. Sophisticated and feminine, this romantic floral is perfect for springtime weddings, and it also smells clean and fresh, perfect for everyday use. The scent is quite long lasting - up to 6 hours.

Personally I do like this product a lot. It smells very clean on and non-offensive. It is not as gourmand unlike other florals which is a plus for me as I tend to get dizzy with those types of scents! This perfume would make the perfect gift for rose lovers.

Fragonard Rose de Mai Eau de Toilette (£22.50 for 100ml) is available from Marks & Spencer.
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  1. Rose de mai is a fresh dewy and irresistible rose scent. The product feels very luxurious and the packaging elegantly simple. It is most usual women scent and also a most demanding gift for couples. Get Fragonard Perfume for home or personal use.


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