MAC A Fantasy Of Flowers Collection Haul, Review, Swatches Part 1 - Corals

MAC A Fantasy Of Flowers Collection Haul, Review, Swatches Part 1 - Corals

Are you a fan of mineralised beauty products? 

Well if you are, you're in luck. MAC has released their A Fantasy of Flowers Collection. As you can probably tell, I was pretty excited about this. In this release, there are new mineralised eyeshadow quads, mineralised blushes, skinfinishes and lipsticks. And I sure picked out a few. I decided to split my haul into two posts - this first one being corals and neutrals and the next one to keep checking my blog for in a future post. We do need some suspense don't we? Well then lets get started on the reviews and swatches!

MAC Golden Hours Mineralised Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

Surprisingly, or maybe not, this product is the one that first caught my eye. MAC Golden Hours Mineralised Eyeshadow Quad (£17) is a set of 4 mineralised eyeshadows of neutrals and bronzes, but I think the most stunning out of these four is the peachy shade on the top on the photo. It swatches a beautiful pale orange but with gorgeous pink pearlescent shimmers. The swatch below doesn't do it justice, you'll have to swatch this in person. Many a beauty blogger has slated this product for how it applies, but personally I feel this is pigmented enough for regular daily wear and you can always apply it wet for more intensity.

MAC Dreaming Dahlia and Fleur D'Coral Lipsticks, Swatches

Next I picked up the two lippies, one coral and one pale peach. Dreaming Dahlia and Fleur D'Coral respectively (£15 each). They are both pretty dupeable but I'm always lured by these types of shades. 

MAC Petal Power Mineralised Blush

Now this is what the whole beauty blogging world is gossiping about at the moment. MAC Petal Power Mineralised Blush (£20) is a peachy pink with golden shimmers. It is well-pigmented and deposits on the skin easily. I find this to be similar but apply better than the famous or infamous NARS Orgasm Blush. It is also quite similar to MAC Springsheen Blush.

 Swatches. From L to R: MAC Golden Hours Eyeshadow Quad, MAC Petal Power Blush, MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick, MAC Fleur D'Coral Lipstick

Swatches. From L to R: MAC Golden Hours Eyeshadow Quad, MAC Petal Power Blush, MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick, MAC Fleur D'Coral Lipstick

Thanks for reading! ♥

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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  1. I'm not a blush person but Petal Power looks SO nice! Might just buy it to look at :O x

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  2. Such a gorgeous collection!! I loved the photos *-*

  3. You always have such beautiful photography, this actually sounds really nice I was browsing the NARS skincare stuff and this did catch my eye it sounds lovely. If there skincare is anything like there make up it's probably lovely. I'm currently using the liz Earle skin tonic, which is super cooling on my sensitive skin when it runs out I think I'll pick this one up x


  4. Thank you Rinica for your lovely comment. I'll have a look at the Liz Earle one once my NARS runs out too! x

  5. Aw that's a shame! Why don't you like it? x

  6. It does look very beautiful in the pot, and it swatches amazingly too.


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