MAC Eye Shadow x15 Cool Neutral Palette Review, Swatches!

Now this review is about the cooler toned MAC 15 pan palette recently released in the UK. You can read my post on the MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette. In contrast to the golds and bronzes in the previous palette, the MAC Eye Shadow x15 Cool Neutral Palette houses predominantly silvery and grey shades which are still in the neutral spectrum.

I have talked about the excellent value for money in purchasing these pre-made palettes in my previous post, but essentially this palette which costs £65, saves you £105.50. It would cost £170.50 if you were to pick up these shades and the palette itself individually.

Everyone loves a good taupe!

This palette has good colour choices and a mix of varied finishes. Many will adore Cumulus and Pearled Earth; the former being a rich warm taupe grey like MAC Smoke and Diamonds Eyeshadow, and the latter being a purple taupe silver shade which looks similar to MAC Moth Brown Eyeshadow. Everyone loves a good taupe! I for one am not too happy with the multiple pale greys (Flounce, Sweet Allure, Pick Me Up and Crushed Clove) however as they tend to all look quite similar on my skin.

Comparing the two palettes, I actually prefer the MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette as my skin tone is definitely more of the warmer olive variety. This will perhaps suit cooler toned ladies before.

How to identify your skin's undertones

To identify your skin's undertones, simply look at the veins on your wrist in natural light. If they tend to appear blue, then you have cooler undertones, if they appear green then you have warmer undertones. If its a mix of both, then perhaps you're neutral. Another way to do this is by the silver/gold test. If you find gold is more flattering on yourself, you have warm undertones. If silver looks better, then perhaps you're cooler toned.

Flounce, Sweet Allure, Sun Tweaked, Blackberry, After Dusk

Pick Me Up, Crushed Clove, Cozy Grey, Deception, Brun

Silver Fog, French Clay, Cumulus, Pearled Earth and Black Tied.

If you're a pale gal with cool undertones and love neutral eyeshadow shades, the MAC Eye Shadow x15 Cool Neutral Palette is definitely for you. 

If you're a warm toned neutral loving gal like myself, you'd probably want to check out the MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette.

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  1. I've seen a few reviews of this palette now and I want it so baaaaaad! I find cooler toned shadows suit my skintone much better than warm tones - will hopefully find a reason to treat myself to this at some point as it's such good value for Mac eyeshadows (: hope it's not limited edition :S x


  2. Aww I think this might be limited edition actually, hopefully you'll get some money saved up for April when its officially released x


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