Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku Review!

 Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku

I walked into my nearest Yankee Candle shop to check out the new fragrances and walked out with one of the new scents - Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku. I'm a very much a sweet berry or desserts type of person, and out of all the new scents, this one fit the bill.

Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku smells of elegance and rejuvenating, Kiku is a nickname for chrysanthemum, the flower of happiness and this is supposed to smell like it (I have personally not smelled one myself) but it also has hints of sweet cherry blossom and warm vanilla. To add to my love of this, it also comes in a gorgeous pinky lavender or orchid shade that is one of my favourite colours.

I love my minis - I collect wax tarts and I have recently been collecting the small candles as they are affordable and don't require too much commitment, ie. when they run out, I can pick out a new scent! So as for Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku, I picked out a wax tart and small candle with matching cute candle holder. 

If you like your florals or sweet-ish scents, Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku will be right up your alley!

Other new scents from the Yankee Candle Spring 2014 Collection, include Pink Hibiscus, Champaca Blossom and Under the Palms.

Have you checked out the new Yankee Candle Collection? ♥

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  1. mmmm i wish there was an actual yankee candle shop nearby

  2. This is such a pretty colour. I love Yankee Candles - in terms of value/quality for money, I think they are unbeatable. x

  3. I've never bought any Yankee Candles before but just remembered they're now available at Boots. Really need to have a look because as a full time student, when I'm studying at home, I find a burning candle really relaxing.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  4. Ooh I didn't know they were available in Boots! I should have a look there too!

  5. Thanks Amber, I totally agree. I love Yankee Candles!

  6. They're on 3 for 2 on their website at the moment but they're out of stock on a lot of the scents which is a shame as I would have ordered 3. xx

  7. You could always order online, eBay is a pretty good source for these!

  8. That's still pretty cool though. Good shout! Did you pick up anything? x

  9. The scents I wanted to try were out of stock, (Vanilla Lime, Clean Cotton and Pink Sands), but will keep checking back. xx

  10. Emi Doll (恵美)16 February 2014 at 23:26

    So lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥


  11. I've always wanted to try Yankee Candles but they're not available here in Australia and they don't ship here either! Boo!

    The scent sounds divine though :)



    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  12. I moved into my new flat maybe 5 ish weeks ago, and I've filled my bedroom with candles. This sounds like the perfect one to light after a hard days work, and just drift away too. Heroine In Heels


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