When to See a Dermatologist About Acne

When to See a Dermatologist About Acne

Most of us get pimples due to hormonal changes, which often start in teenage years. While mild cases of acne can often be cleared with over the counter treatments, sometimes it is best to see your doctor about formally diagnosing acne and prescription acne medicines. Here are six tips to help you decide when it's time to see a dermatologist about acne.

Your acne leaves scars after the lesions have gone.

Deep acne can leave permanent scars, so its best to get acne treatment before more damage is done. Dermatologists can help you get acne under control, and they have a variety of treatments for acne scars.

Your acne is severe with nodules and cysts.

Pus-filled lesions (nodules) and cysts are very severe forms of breakouts and should be evaluated by a dermatologist to keep these under control. Also inform your doctor if your skin seems very inflamed or infected.

You have never been diagnosed with acne before.

Other skin conditions, such as rosacea and folliculitis, can resemble acne. If you suddenly begin to break out in red bumps on the face, chest, back, or elsewhere, you should see your doctor to reach a formal diagnosis.

Your acne is worsening despite over-the-counter treatments.

If careful and consistent acne treatment at home using a couple of months of over-the-counter products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, does not seem to treat your acne, it may be time to seek expert help. Your dermatologist may start prescription treatments and will have helpful advice regarding proper acne skin care and treatment at home.

Your acne appeared after starting a medication.

Certain medications, such as steroids and birth control pills, may cause acne. Your doctor can treat the acne and prescribe you alternative medications to avoid this from happening.

You are shy, embarrassed or depressed about your skin.

Do you avoid social situations or stay away from your friends because of your acne? Do you feel depressed? Acne can result in social, emotional and psychological repercussions. If you feel like your acne is adversely affecting your life or self-esteem, please talk to your doctor. He or she will have acne treatment options available that can improve your skin, along with easing the embarrassment and self-consciousness related to acne.

Have you seen a dermatologist for acne?
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