MAC Brush Cleanser Review!

Do you clean your makeup brushes ladies? Here's the low down on MAC's Brush Cleanser:

MAC Brush Cleanser is the first brush cleanser I have ever bought. It is a very watery pink liquid (don't worry, it doesn't stain your brushes or that would defeat the purpose!). The smell of which is reminiscent of acetone (nail varnish remover) just incase you decide to whiff it from the bottle. 

It comes in a flip top squeezy bottle that runs the risk of pouring out too much if you're not careful. To get around this, I pour some product into a spritzer bottle and dispense product that way. Alternatively, you can also pour a set amount into a container and dip the brush bristles in there to clean.

It takes under a minute to clean small eye brushes used with powder products and longer for cream-laden lip brushes or large face brushes. 

In a pinch, these can also be used to clean your brushes on the go -- just spray an amount on the bristles and wipe on a tissue. Without wetting it thoroughly with water, your brushes will be dry and ready to go within an hour.

I find that it does the job effectively, disinfects the brushes. The bottle lasts me about 6 months and that's with regular use, but of course it also depends on how many brushes you use and need to clean with every wash.

This MAC brush cleanser is something I used to use regularly and I admit is perfect for on-the-go, but then since I've found an even better way to deep cleanse my brushes that's more effective at retaining its original colour. More about that to come in another post!

The MAC Brush Cleanser (£10 for 7.9 fl oz) is available from your local MAC Cosmetics store or the MAC website.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? ♥

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  1. you say it dries within an hour so its damp for a little while? I use the cinema secrets one and it's AMAZINGGGG. dries straight away and smells like vanilla!

    Tzeyien89 Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. I have never used mac cleanser before but I do want to try it :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  3. I've been deciding whether to get this or not... I currently wash my brushes with virgin olive oil + dish wash (from Michelle Phan's video). But the way you make it sound, this sounds like a faster technique!

  4. Hi Steph, yes depends on how much of the cleanser you apply for quick cleaning, the brushes are left damp for a while. Cinema secrets eh? I'll look into that one, I love vanilla scented products!! x

  5. I would probably avoid using oils on my brushes as they have the tendency to stick to brushes and dish wash can be a bit too harsh on the hairs. If you're willing to spend a lil extra, I suggest picking up a brush cleanser! It is faster and proven safer for brushes! x


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