Anna Lou of London Rose Gold Name Necklace

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Ever wanted your own name necklace? popularised by Carrie from Sex and the City, almost every celebrity has one - from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, and a new trend seems to be with the celebrity mums wearing their children's name necklaces - as Kim Kardashian has been recently seen wearing one of her beautiful tot Nori. 

My name necklace is from Anna Lou of London, a jewellery and accessories brand with its humble beginnings in Portobello Road Market on 2004 (oh the memories of when I used to live just a few moments away!). Now her designs were snapped by Harvey Nichols and Anna Lou of London is now a brand recognised for its beauty and elegance, truthfully beautifully British.

At the Handpicked Media Suite for the London Fashion Week, I was delighted to come across the Anna Lou of London mini boutique. Their Luxe costume and jewellery range had a variety of statement pieces, made with colourful gemstones making unforgettable fashion statements. 

Out of all the Anna Lou of London products however, I was immediately drawn to a beautifully simple name necklace made with 18k rose gold.  

I've always wanted a piece of jewellery with my name on it - having a not-so common or unpopular name had its downsides. But now I can fit in with the rest of the name necklace crowd, no longer longing and or feeling left out ever again!

anna lou of london, jewellery, Jewelry, name necklace, Necklace, rose gold,
You can pick up your own Anna Lou of London name necklace (£65) from their website. It would also make a perfect gift for a loved one. They provide free shipping within the UK and just £10 worldwide!

Do you have a name necklace? ♥
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  1. i dun hv a name necklace ler...feel like having one..but i love cross necklace and i wear them everyday!

  2. I've seen these on a few blogs lately and I really love them :) It's not surprising since I adore Carrie from Sex and The City!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

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  4. that is the downside of having uncommon name. The necklace is really cute. I know because of Carrie Bradshaw, personalized necklaces became very popular. I do want one myself sometime in the future.

  5. love this style, but lots of people have something similar.. found a site NamePlateDepot that had same style in 3d look, they look great with diamond effect.


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