Bath and Body Works Christmas Haul & Review!

Everyone loves a good Christmas collection, and this offering by Bath and Body Works will leave you craving more. I've been lucky enough to manage getting a hold of these products. Here are my reviews of the individual scents!

Twisted Peppermint is a minty sugary scent that dries down to a touch berry. On application, it feels a bit refreshing *cold* on the skin, but this *minty sensation* (if that makes any sense) goes away after a few minutes. Peculiar!

The scent I looked forward to the most was Winter Candy Apple, but unfortunately I am left disappointed. It's a sweet apple scent that smells a bit synthetic to me and actually makes me feel dizzy even on light applications on myself. This will probably end up as a room spray.

Merry Marshmallow Kiss is probably the most subtle out of the four. It smells a bit musky with its amber notes. 

Saving the best for last --- Vanilla Bean Noel is my favourite out of the four scents. No surprise there, as I'm naturally drawn to the yummy sweet vanilla. This offering is a little buttery with a touch of caramel. I've been using this practically every day since I got it! If you love smelling like a cupcake, this one's for you!

I'm actually surprised at the longevity of the fragrance mist formula. They last about 6-8 hours on my clothes and skin. The mini lotions are the perfect size for handbags.

I can't thank my sister and boyfriend enough for getting these beauties. It feels like Christmas!

Available from your local Bath & Body Works (USA only - gutted!) or their website.

Have you tried these products? 
What do you think? ♥
Livia | The Skin and Beauty Blog



  1. Great haul!


  2. Soccerrocker12348 December 2013 at 15:25

    Bath and Body Works always does a great job with their packaging!

  3. They do! These look so lovely on my table!

  4. Thanks Kayla!


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