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Ever spent money on boldly coloured blush and lipstick, only to find you don't have enough courage to wear them outside your home? These memories were in my thoughts when perusing the NARS Guy Bourdin Collection. Although the selection of bright colours were appealing, I decided to listen to my practical makeup angel and picked the safer nude shades I would probably use more often.


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Just a quick post - aren't they cute? 


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Are dry lips bothering you right now? The skin on our lips is much thinner and more sensitive to dryness than the rest of our face. As the effects of chilly winter winds and drying central heating conspire to whisk moisture from our skin, our lips are often the first to show signs of suffering.

Here are our top 10 tips to keep your pout pretty and plump.

1. Drink plenty of water.

2. Be on top of your vitamins.

Increase your intake of B vitamins, especially riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) and cobalamin (B12), as low levels can lead to dry cracked skin.

3. Avoid mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing constantly evaporates any natural oils on the lips.

4. Quit the stick.

Smoking dries out your lips similar to mouth breathing. The act of pursing your lips also promotes the development of lip wrinkles - we don't want that! ;)

5. Don't lick and don't pick!

Resist the urge to lick your lips. Saliva contains mild digestive enzymes that can break sensitive lips. As saliva evaporates, yhis dehydrates skin further.

Picking at already thin skin of the lips can lead to bleeding and discomfort. This also slows down the healing process.

6. Exfoliate.

Buff dead skin cells away using a soft old toothbrush or a gentle sugar scrub to help reduce chapping. Lip balms containing phenol, salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) can also exfoliate skin.

7. Balm it up!

Apply a thin layer of lip balm. Avoid applying a thick layer as this may tempt you to lick off the excess. Avoid flavoured lip balms as they might encourage you to lick your lips even more.

8. Read the label.

For lip balms, look for ingredients such as petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline), beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, or oils such as almond and jojoba to help lock in moisture to soften and protect lips.

Balms that contain ceramides or purified medical grade lanolin can help restore the natural skin barrier of your lips.

Avoid products that contain eucalyptus, menthol and camphor, which can cause dryness and irritation.

9. Use creamy lippies.

Creamy lipsticks can act like balms and prevent your lips from chapping.

10. Get Glossy.

Lip gloss can help protect against the drying winter elements. They make your pout look fuller too.

Some content used this article has been adapted from Check out her website for more tips on skincare!

What are your tips for dry lips? ♥
Livia | The Skin and Beauty Blog



Top 10 Tips for Dry Lips

Beauty addicts all over want that one thing – beautiful skin. My skin is far from perfect but through my beauty ventures, these products have remained as my go-to products for clean healthy skin.

Fresh skin starts with a facial massage with cleansing and hydrating Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser, in soft circular motions. I wipe the lather off with two cotton pads soaked in cold water. After this step is an optional use of facial scrub. My current favourite is the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Refiner, with its tiny tiny beads that softly remove dead skin. I also sometimes use the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, for extra scrubbing. Following cleansing, a swipe of L’oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 MicellarSolution comes next, which acts as both a cleanser to remove excess lather and makeup, and toner to tighten the pores. I would avoid using this for removing eye makeup however, as contrary to what it says, it makes my eyes sting! I then take a piece of facial tissues, pop out a nose hole in the centre, and pat my face dry. Moisturising comes next. I apply La Roche-Posay Rosaliac UV Anti-Redness Moisturizer, which contains SPF15, just enough protection against the winter sun’s rays. Before my evening snooze, I love using Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturiser, which contains retinoic acid, a proven miracle worker overnight. My face feels so smooth and supple in the morning.

If I am wearing any eye makeup, I apply a few pumps of MAC Cleanse Off Oil on cotton pads and leave them to sit on top of my eyelids for a few seconds. This dissolves any eye makeup gently and easily. This step occurs before cleansing.

Blemishes are zapped with a tiny layer of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. I find that they are visibly reduced within 12 hours of application.

That was a quick run through of my twice daily routine. It only takes about 4 minutes to do properly (and even less when I am in a rush), and my face feels cleaner, smoother and fresher. 

Care to share - what are your must-have skincare loves? ♥
Livia | The Skin and Beauty Blog



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