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Dear everyone, after working on Princess Livia for so long, I've decided to make a change. When I initially chose the my blog name, I thought it would be a simple blog of my beauty ramblings, and not something I would carry with me as part of my career. 
Years down the line from blog creation, I graduated from Medical School as many of my long-time followers would know. I have always been interested in skin and my life is heading its way to the route of Dermatology - I will get there in the future!
So with the goal of making my blog look a bit more professional and to be taken more seriously, I have decided to leave 'Princess Livia' and replace it with 'The Skin and Beauty Blog'.
I will start talking about skin and skincare, which I have not touched on really. It's something I subconsciously avoided as I felt I was confined to talking about makeup. Of course, I will continue to talk about makeup and beauty which I always have done.
As I get time to update my blog, there will be many changes occurring in the next few weeks including blog URL changes etc.
Stay tuned. I would love to have you on the moving bandwagon!

Any thoughts? ♥
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  1. The name change sounds like a great idea to me!



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