Acne Patterns

Ever notice a pattern in the way your blemishes come out? Here are a few tips to see whether your current beauty regimes affect the way you develop acne and what changes you can do to minimise these breakouts!
Do you have...
Acne on your back (Bacne) or around your hairline?
Chances are, you are using a hair product that is too moisturising for your skin. Hair conditioners are usually the culprit, but some shampoos can also cause this. Opt for less moisturising shampoos. Sometimes I omit conditioner altogether!
Acne on your chin?

This is usually the site affected by hormones or stress, although they can crop up anywhere on the face. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water, take up relaxing techniques such as meditating and yoga, or simply wait until the cyclical hormones change over. 

Acne on your cheeks?

Sometimes this is a sign our pillows or bed covers need a change!
Dry cheeks are also at risk of getting blemishes. Make sure you moisturise well with an oil-free moisturiser.

Acne all over?

If you develop lots of acne all over, weight gain, irregular periods or notice an increase in overall hair growth (hirsutism), it might be worth seeing your doctor or gynaecologist to investigate for polycystic ovarian syndrome.
For all acne prevention measures, it is essential that you clean you Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise your skin to prevent clogging of pores and subsequent inflammation. Make sure to remove all makeup before bed. Avoid over-cleansing however as this can irritate or aggravate your skin causing angry breakouts.

Hope this helps! ♥
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