Superdrug Beauty Event - New Product Releases!

I was kindly invited to the Superdrug event where they featured the new upcoming products for the fall, especially Superdrug brand products. I didn't even know there were so many! There were tons and tons of beauty products, I felt like a little child in a sweets shop! Parts of the new range include skin care oils and BB creams. Other beauty companies like Cheeky, and GOSH were also in the exhibit. Superdrug is also bringing BlowPro to the UK market - a USA originated one stop shop service for hair styling, excellent for busy people on the go. Superdrug is also going to start in-shop vaccinations, which I think is an excellent idea, fab for the winter. 

The brand that stole the show in my opinion was MUA. I am Very very excited about the new releases: eyeshadow palettes and matte lip creams which are just divine! I believe this brand will be the next big thing in drugstore makeup, following the likes of Sleek Makeup and Bourjois.

I've taken many photos from the event - enjoy! Xx

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Livia | Princess Livia


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