The Bare Minimum

It's actually summer now in the UK, using my definition: temperature greater than 15'C during the day time. Because of this lovely weather, foundation tends to get all melty and my face more unfavourably luminescent (greasy) as the day goes on.

I'm not one to touch up on makeup during the day especially when at work, so these days I've been skipping
 foundation and concealer all together.
On a daily basis at work, I've just been wearing the bare minimum:
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Maybelline Smokey Eye Pencil in Chocolate
Etude House Brow Pencil
MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base (Highlighter)
At the beginning I used to feel conscious about letting my natural skin show. I know my skin isn't perfect. I have numerous freckles on my cheeks and my nose is plagued by comedones. My eyebags show (this photo is after my 3rd 12-hour on call night shift this week). But despite all this, now that I've decided to take the plunge, I somehow feel a sense of peace and zen having given my skin a rest and chance to breathe after months and months of daily full face makeup. I feel this plunge is for the brave, but I definitely recommend it!
Have you made any changes to your makeup routine in the summer time?
I don't know how long this 'summer' will last, but I'm loving it!
Livia xx

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