MAC Pressed Pigments Collection for Summer 2013

Eyeshadow pigments are beautiful because they more often than not, have amazing colour pay off, however I barely have any of them as I feel they are a bit too messy to apply and run the risk of spillage, especially when on the go and are therefore not very practical... So you could just imagine my excitement learning about the MAC Pressed Pigments collection - pigments packed into eyeshadow pot form!

Pressed Pigment (All frost):
Vanilla Diamond - Warm yellow beige
Sweet Acting - Mid-tone pink (repromote)
Summer Honey - Pastel Coral
Lime Ice - Seafoam Green
Rock Candy - Mid-tone Fuchsia
Pink Pepper - Deep coral with gold pearl
Enlightening - Deep Silver (repromote)
Moth - Mauve with silver pearl
Black Grape - Deep aubergine with multi pearl
Jet Couture - Charcoal Black (repromote)
Damson - Deep brown with gold pearl
Midnight - Vibrant Deep blue

MAC 213 brush
I love neutrals and I am most excited about Moth, Black Grape, and Damson. Their descriptions sound so beautiful and I hope they do deliver! What about you?
All credits for imaging and information go to Specktra.net

Livia xx


  1. Love the collection! Great colours x


  2. I've never heard of this, but I love hearing all about new make up products. I get stuck in a rut, so keeps me inspired. I might want to look into this as it sounds great! xx
    Heroine In Heels


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