MAC Prom Princess Blush Review, Photos, Swatches (Archie's Girls)

 MAC Prom Princess blush from the MAC Archie's Girls Collection is a mid-tone pink berry blush with a sheen in a satin finish. It is part of the Veronica line up of products.
It is soft to apply and relatively easy to blend.
 Boyfriend Stealer, Ronnie Red, Prom Princess, Veronica's blush (light, hearts, swirled)
This blush is extremely pigmented.
For day-to-day wear, those with fairer skintones should apply this with a light hand or with a duo fibre brush such as the MAC 188 brush to prevent it from looking too harsh.
Those with darker skintones may get away with a single swipe and then blending it out.
Available from your local MAC Cosmetics store or the MAC website (while supplies last!).
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. OOo this is such a pretty blush!

    Kimberley x


  2. I like the blush itself but am not to keen on the packaging x


  3. Oops just sent you a comment with a tracking number apart the bottom- my mistake. Don't approve that one lol!

  4. Fabulous pink! I love Mac blushes x x



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