MAC Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches (Archie’s Girls)

MAC Boyfriend Stealer lipstick from the MAC Archie's Girls collection is a dark purple grey with a glossy cremesheen finish. It belongs to the Veronica line up.
It's a pretty unique colour and I don't own anything like it.
I was first wary about this colour, but the bf said it was the most unique and vampiest among all the lipsticks from this collection. He virtually pushed me to purchase this.
And I have no regrets at all!
It is gorgeous and actually quite sexy.
The cremesheen formula is smooth and creamy to apply.  
It is glossy but not shimmery. 
However I find that it has the tendency not to last very long
 and leave patches of colour on your lips. 
I find that using a similar-coloured lip liner as a base
helps keep the colour in place.
This colour may be intimidating and one may think it is quite difficult to pull off because the colour is quite dark and intense, however it works well with minimal effort: just simple eye makeup, such as plain black eyeliner and mascara.
  (instagram photo)

I think this colour would look great on all skintones.
However, because of the grey undertones, 
I think it would particularly look good on those with dark hair.

Available from your local MAC Cosmetics store or the MAC website (while supplies last!).
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. It's such a lovely colour but I don't think it would suit me! Looks amazing on you though :)

    Great post!


  2. Damn that color is sexual D:

  3. I was so scared of this colour when I saw it in the collection! I love the way it looks on you, you pull it off well :)

  4. I adore this color and I love the whole Archie collection reminds me of all my Archie comics I used to collect


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