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Before I made my French Pharmacie haul, I researched the web for the most raved about products. These were the most frequently mentioned. I picked them up and I have been using them for a few weeks so far, and here are my reviews for the must have products from the French Pharmacie
Some of these products you can purchase online in the UK and I have added some links where you can look them up if you're interested. Note that I have not purchased from these links myself so I am unable to comment on the legitimacy of the sellers.
Oil skincare products have been on trend recently. This multi-purpose body oil can be used on the face, body and hair. I absolutely love it to moisturise my face. This size comes with a spray. For my face and neck I typically require two spritzes, and then I massage the oil into the skin with my hands. I find that it settles and moisturises pretty quickly and actually doesn't leave your skin oily after it has set. I have not used this on my hair however as I find it might be a waste! I'd love to bathe in this product if I could. This is definitely a must have!
I love love love this product. It is a super gentle but efficient makeup remover that does not seem to upset my sensitive skin. It is unscented. Hypoallergenic. I dab some on a piece of cotton wool or a cotton pad and it quickly wipes off even waterproof makeup! Truly a wonder product. I love it! 
This gel contains caffeine that's said to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a clear transparent gel that dries pretty quickly and has no moisturising properties. It does seem to reduce the appearance of cellulite but for a few weeks so far the effects seem minimal. Nothing beats diet and exercise for this purpose. 
This is a very concentrated moisturiser. Once on, my skin feels instantly moisturised. It takes about 5 minutes to be fully absorbed and you may feel a bit greasy this time. It does leave you with a soft velvety finish. The effects last a few hours and it is perfect for the cold dry weather.
On first impressions, I found the delivery of this product a little strange. I am used to aerosol-type of dry shampoos but this is a little different. You twist the top to open the product, aim towards your hair, then press on the body of the bottle and out comes white powdery product. It does work well as a dry shampoo and does not irritate my scalp, however if you're not careful, it may leave you white patches of product on your clothes. They're easy to pat off though. I probably will not re-purchase just because aerosol dry shampoos are just far more convenient to use!
This wonder gel is a great treatment for muscle pains and bruises. It reduces the healing time for bruises.
Vitamin A has been a long proven anti-blemish and anti-aging ingredient used in many skin care products. It works on a cellular level by reprogramming the dermis to increase blood flow to the surface, which increases collagen and decreases collagen break down, leading to better skin healing (and anti-ageing). Avibon contains Vitamin A. It is a thick ointment that requires a little warming up with your hands to spread easily. You only need a little dollop of this to cover the entire face. Once its set, it makes my face feel smooth. It is not drying like some other Vitamin A products are. Many people have said this works wonders on crows feet and lip wrinkles too! This is one of Gwyneth Paltrow's favourites that she mentions in her blog GOOP.
That's my review so far and I hope you found this useful. Out of all of these, I loved Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and Bioderma Crealine Sensibio H2O the most so I bought a few back ups!
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. I love the Bioderma Micellar water! I was vey sceptical about the product because it was such I hype and I didn't really believe it untill I actually tried it out. It's lovely and works so well!

    Great post!


    1. You're right, its such a surprise! I didn't think the Bioderma cleanser would be that good! x

  2. Great haul!! so many products I would love to try! Especially Nuxe:)

  3. Love to try a few of these!xx

    1. Definitely hun! Try the Bioderma cleanser if you can, its amazing! x

  4. if only I live in europe :( I've always wanted to try bioderma and embryolisse! hope you can post the prices too?:) lovely blog post! thanks xx


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