I Love Kiss Lashes

  In this post, I am professing my love for Kiss lashes. 
I have tried several pairs and they never disappoint.
They are my go-to lashes for nights out!
They are: 
lightweight - many lashes out there are not so (Bourjois lashes - I'm looking at you!)
 natural-looking (in the non-plasticky sense),
comfortable to wear
I never had the need to trim them (I know this may be different for everyone)
 easy to apply (the band is flexible enough, not too stiff)
and easy to remove! (though this would probably be user dependent)
 I know false lashes can be a bit pricey.
These are £5.49 a pair.
But I recommend buying them in packs though, as it ends up being cheaper
eg. 5 pairs for £18.99.
Some people reuse lashes, but I don't tend to, mainly just because I cannot be bothered to clean them after the first wear. But if you were patient enough, I'm sure you'd be able to reuse them too.
Available from your local Boots or Superdrug.
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. These look gorgeous, love that you didn't need to cut them to size- I hate having to do that! X x

  2. I have a lot of pairs already, another pack couldn't hurt! haha But I really should learn to use them properly...♥


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