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Sardegna Sunset - so beautiful. I took this photo during a recent trip to the island of Sardinia, Italy.

Hello everyone! 

What have you all been up to?

After a month's hiatus, I'm back to blogging. And I bring wonderful news --

I've just passed my finals 

and I'm now a doctor. 

It feels surreal and unreal that 6 years have gone by since I started medical school. I have gone through so much drama, blood (literally), sweat and tears --  and now my hard work has paid off.

It has also been a while since I've been on a relaxing break and I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer (and updating my blog!).

I feel sad that my friends and I will soon be parting ways as we will all be working in different parts of the UK and different parts of the world. I've literally spent the last quarter of my life with them, and I will miss them terribly. So I will be a bit busy for the next week as I will be spending time with them before they leave.

However, I do have a lot of posts coming up. So stay tuned!

Livia xx

I'm back!

Friday, June 29, 2012 • 7 comments
Cigarette smoking- what do we know?

It's associated with lung cancer
as well as bladder cancer, oesophageal cancer, cervical cancer, even more cancers.

It's associated with an increased risk of heart attacks
as well as strokes, peripheral vascular disease (intermittent claudication, leg ulcers, gangrene and auto-amputations - see: wiki).

But hey, at least we still look fine, right?

Give us that million dollar smile...


...Is this all worth a nicotine rush?

Nicotine addictions can be difficult to overcome. Thanks to modern day research and technology, there are other ways around this: nicotine gum, patches, and the new e-cigarettes like the Vapestick

It's even ecofriendly (battery-operated).

This works by providing nicotine in a vapour form rather than smoke. It contains no tobacco. It gets rid of smells and second-hand smoke, making it family-friendly. 

I do not smoke and I have not personally tried this product, but e-cigarettes seems to be popular with celebrities these days and it sounds like a healthier alternative to smoking.

Are you a smoker? Will you give this a go?

What do you think? ♥

Livia xx

Quit the Stick

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