The Solution for Dry Eyes with Eye Makeup - Optrex ActiMist 2 in 1 Eye Spray Review

I suffer from dry eyes and I have to use eye drops daily:
ie when I wake up in the morning, and at the end of a long working day.
The cold season with the heating on doesn't help either,
and neither does my daily exposure to computer screens.

I was so ecstatic to find out about this new eye mist in the market
that claims to provide instant relief for dry eyes
without ruining eye makeup!

for Tired and Uncomfortable Eyes.

This wonder spray has been specially formulated for the instant relief of tired eyes
to give a refreshing boost so that your eyes 
feel more comfortable, revitalised and look their best. 

The mist contains liposome particles which work to repair 
and replenish the eye’s natural moisture barrier, 
relieving tired eyes for up to four hours 
while the Pro Vitamin B5 within the new formula helps to 
moisturise the eyelids and surrounding delicate skin. 

Unlike eye drops, ActiMist™ can be sprayed onto closed eyelids,
which is quite peculiar.
1-2 sprays at a time usually does the trick.
I find that it causes a very faint warming sensation
which somehow helps revitalise the eyes.

The solution itself is more sticky compared to the usual eye drops, 
and is a translucent white in colour,
but it applies clear and within 5 minutes,
it leaves your skin with a smooth finish.

Compared to using the standard eye drops,
I do not find this to be as good in terms of hydrating dry eyes
however, it is perfect for those wearing eye makeup.

It can be applied over the top of make-up, 
and as long as you don't rub your eyes with the product on
it will not smudge. 
I find that it does wet mascara however, 
but it does not cause it to run.

It is claims to be safe for contact lens wearers 
so it’s the perfect eye ‘pick-me-up’ for makeup lovers!

Apparently Terry Barber, MAC's director of artistry, loves it too!

Available at £15.99 each from your local Boots and Superdrug.
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. I've used this and it really is a lifesaver for those of us who are sat in front of a computer all day! I know what you mean about making your mascara wet, I get that, but strangely it doesn't ruin it! I find this much better than traditional eye drops because I never get them in my eye properly and my eyes start streaming!


  2. Hmmm...seem impressive. I think I will be needing this because I sit all day in front of my computer and I think my eyes are kinda tired because its getting red.

  3. lovely post, i've wanted to try this for ages!



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