Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set

Explore your wild side with the Japonesque Safari Chic brush set
the perfect, take everywhere 3-piece set 
featuring unique animal print brushes.

A signature microfibre case holds the distinctive, ultra-plush brushes
expertly designed for flawless makeup application.

This exclusive set is animal-friendly -- handmade using synthetic hair.

The fibres are ultra-soft, yet firm.

This set includes:
1 x Powder brush - I love for applying blushes and bronzers
1 x Shadow brush - for a sheer wash of colour
1 x Crease brush - also good for blending

For £28, this ultra-soft trio is available from www.HQHair.com.

What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. Are you serious... That is the CUTEST shit ever!!! D:

  2. I've seen the dyed type but, never printed~ again, very cool~ ^.^


  3. Wow the bristles on the brushes are awesome. What a cool brush set!

  4. I think they look fab! Also love the animal-friendly make ^^

  5. what a cool kit :D

    xx m


  6. Awww look at them *_* They're soo cute !

    New follower, btw ^^
    Check my blog if you want!
    A loser like me


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