Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Cream

I have realised that my sedentary lifestyle needed to come to an end
and therefore, I've started exercising again.
However, the increased activity results in a lot of muscle aches, 
and this cream is a lifesaver!
This product is called the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream.
It smells of rosemary and vanilla. 

It has a large sponge tip applicator, which allows for specific areas to be targetted
and rubbed without getting your hands dirty.

After a couple of minutes, 
you start to feel a heating sensation that helps distract yourself from the aches.
I've noticed that the sensation lasts for about half an hour,
after which I either have to reapply,
or more frequently,
actually forget about the pain!

Be sure not to apply too liberally though if you're not used to it
in case the heat might feel too intense, especially for the first time.

The formula is good in that it does not appear to irritate my skin.

This product is also perfect for everyday for the active types and bad back sufferers.
A lots of us suffer from tense, aching muscles from time to time, 
whether it's caused by over-energetic gardening, 
being hunched up at a computer without enough breaks, 
or the general stress that builds up in everyday life.

I definitely recommend it!

Available at £5.99 from your local pharmacies and grocery outlets.

What do you think? ♥
Livia xx
Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. i try to try this product..
    thanks for reviewing it

  2. wow, this is the 1st time i've heard of muscle cream. hehehe. i'm not into work outs really, it's because of too thin T_T anyways, nice review. really sounds interesting. hoping to find one here in the philippines, imma give one to my mom. lol

  3. Hi Livia, thanks for this review!
    Do you know where to buy it online?
    I live between France and Belgium so..
    Thank you :)

  4. I hate the muscle aches I get whenever I start up workout again!! I guess it's my body paying me back for not staying on top of my health lol!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the detailed information about the product.Also, I’m happy to locate numerous useful information here within the post.Would like to share the blog with my friends..:)

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  7. I've also recently decided to get active again. I dunno if this brand can be found in the Philippines though. :)

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