The Easiest Way to Depot Sleek Makeup Palettes

I have quite a collection of Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes now (verging on ridiculous, and I've already given some away) and while I do enjoy admiring the collection and counting each and every one, they haven't been getting as much love as they deserve, so I decided to depot them into an empty MAC eyeshadow palette. I've done my research online for the quickest and the safest way to do it and I came up with my own as a combination of a few sources. 

What you need:

A Paring knife
Rubbing Alcohol
Dropper / Syringe
Piece of Tissue
Optional (but necessary for me!) - Sticker magnet, Labels

What to do:

1. Stick the paring knife into one side of the palette.
2.  Pop the cover out completely.

3. Drop some alcohol into the base to dissolve the glue holding the pans.
4. Pluck the pans out - the paring knife helps too. Be patient with this step as the eyeshadows are quite delicate!

5. Try to remove glue residue at this point.
6. Place on tissue paper powder side up while alcohol dries.
7. Attach magnet and pre-labelled label.

Voila! You're done!
Easy peasy. :)

 3 palettes in one!

I tried the hair straightener method, and while it works well for my MAC eyeshadow pots, I'm too impatient to wait for it to melt the Sleek Makeup palettes. Some eyeshadow pans became a bit dented from premature attempted removal!
What do you think? ♥
Livia xx


  1. Great post - when I depotted mine, I just prised them out of the outer packaging with a scalpel, I tried to get the inner packaging out but I couldn't do it! x

    1. Hi Leanne! Just try to slot in the thinnest part of the scalpel on to the side and give it a twist to push out the inner divider. It's pretty simple to do! :> x

  2. i am soooo bad at depotting anything! im jealous at how you make the process sound so easy!

    1. Thanks Kumiko. It just requires a bit of patience! Give this a go. I'm sure you'll be fine! x

  3. I never thought of depotting my sleek palettes, great idea! xxx

  4. i like that you combined all of the ways you researched into your own. very clever! i don't own enough sleek to need or want to depot them but if i ever find myself in that situation, you've got me covered! thank you. ;)

    i have a very easy and very fast way to depot mac eyeshadows if you're interested. it only takes about 15 seconds. i loathe the flat iron method and can't understand how people use that! lol

    check out my method video blog and video tutorial here if you're interested:

    1. Thanks Kerry! I just watched your video and using the soldering iron is genius! Unfortunately I do not have one, so I use the flat iron that I just have lying around. :) x

  5. Wow, I never ever thought there was a way of moving the sleek shadows. Thanks you for the demo!


  6. Great idea! Your blog is lovely :)


  7. I actually love you for posting this!!!!! Life saver. I like you have about twenty diff sleek palettes and they're the only ones I couldn't pry out with heat and a sharp object. Thanks!!!!


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