Naked Skin Care: Bare Faced Cheek and Up Tone Girl

Naked has launched its own skincare line and I have tried two of their products so far, namely Bare Faced Cheek face wash and Up Tone Girl (love the name!) toner, which I am reviewing in this post.

This face wash smells strongly of roses, with it's main ingredient: damask rose oil. Damask rose oil is said to contain anti-oxidants to fight the ageing process and to leave the skin feeling really soft and clean. This product has been clinically tested for sensitive skin. It is synthetic fragrance free and alcohol free.

In my experience, my skin does not like this face wash. It feels tight (rather than smooth) after using - I may have contracted an irritant contact dermatitis to an ingredient in this product from previous exposure from a different product. One should also be careful to not use this near the eye area as it can sting quite a bit. I'm used to my face washes being so gentle and effective enough to remove eye makeup (including non-waterproof mascara - I am currently loving the Simple range for sensitive skin!), and I was surprised to be stung by this one. This face wash does not fit my criteria and it is not something I would recommend.

Naked claims that this product contains 97% natural ingredients, so if you're one to use 'natural products', feel free to try this out. To be honest, I am not that fussed by how natural the ingredients are in a product; as long as it is effective, I am happy!

Up Tone Girl Gentle Toner - £4.49
This toner on the other hand -- I love! It contains witch hazel and calendula to tone and condition the skin, leaving my skin feeling cleaner and smoother. I use this after washing my face, before moisturiser. It is clinically tested for sensitive skin; fragrance free and alcohol free.

Available from your local Boots or the website: http://www.nakedbodycare.co.uk/
What do you think?
Livia xx
Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. Glad I read your review about the Face Wash cos it sounds like something I would buy but my skin is very sensitive, even reacting to gentle cleansers - funny enough mine even reacts to Simple! Love the packaging and I love their volumising shampoo and conditioner! Mary x


  2. i like the packaging! so cute!

  3. Glad to see someone saying that they didn't get along with a product which appears to be a PR sample.


    Laura X

  4. i don't think this is available locally here in my country :(

  5. I will def check these out I love the Naked shampoos! Cool blog :)


  6. i really love the smell of roses so i think i will love naked! :D

  7. Cool write up on Naked – great products and their packaging is spot on – simple and nutural looking. Thanks

  8. i'm not too fond of the smell of roses in beauty products, but i'd love to give this a try. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. too bad i cannot find those in my country! :(


  10. I use the face wash and it is brilliant. My face is always very calm after washing with this and I would normally get spots if don't clean my face properly but this really leaves my face very clean and it is def not dry afterwards.


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