My Must-Have Products for the Summer

It's only the beginning of August in the UK and it seems like summer's already gone. Here are some skincare and makeup products I enjoyed using when the weather was a bit warmer.

L'occitane Angelica Hydration Face Mist - £15 
This face mist instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin with a single spray, but I prefer 2-3 spritzes! It has a floral scent, which isn't over-powering, and I quite like it. It doesn't irritate my skin. 

Hovid Ice Cool Gel 
This product comes with a roller applicator and is designed to relax muscle aches and pains with its cooling menthol. Another use I've found for it is to cool the parts of skin that feel the most heat, like my neck and flexural surfaces. It leaves me with a super COOL sensation and even stops me from sweating! The downside is that effects only last for about 45 minutes.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
This moisturiser never fails me. I use this all year round. With SPF 30, it's been my staple product for years!

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC30 - £16 
Because of the warm weather, I've steered away from using heavy-ish foundations and I have stuck to using liquid-based concealer to conceal any blemishes and provide a light to medium coverage on my skin. MAC Mineralize Concealer does the trick, and it looks super natural. I can't believe I haven't found this stuff before - it's wonderful! 

MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Medium - £20 
I've been a big fan of this for a while, especially during the warm weather. I dust this all over my face after concealer and touch up at 8 hours if need be. This lovely product keeps oil at bay. 
Garnier Skincare Ultra-lift Anti-wrinkle Eye Roller 
This product cools the undereyes in a similar way as the ice cool gel above. It comes in a metal roller applicator and together with the formula, cools the skin. This, however, I use on my face as opposed to body. And apart from just the undereyes, I've been using it on my nasolabial folds, to hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkle formation. Whether it works to prevent wrinkles, I would not be able to tell, but I know for certain, it hydrates my skin well.

Have you tried any of these products? ♥
What are your hot weather must-haves?
Livia xx

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. May have to try using the roll on on my nasolabial folds! X

  2. Ahh I have those drawers! WH Smith, right? :D Cooling mists have been a lifesaver for me this year - I really like the LP Skin Therapy one but that L'Occitane one sounds lovely x

  3. I love the sound of the facial mist, on the lookout for one to take on holiday with me :)


  4. The cooling products sound really interesting. ^^ Lovely picks!

  5. My summer must-haves include a BBcream and a sun block, also some lip conditioner! xx


  6. MAC Pro longwear concealer has been a HG for me :)

    1. I just bought that too and loving it as well! :)

  7. Ahh, they look like great products! And Aveeno is an excellent moisturiser..


  8. Great!!!!



  9. Im looking for a face mist! Will the face mist be okay over makeup?

    1. It should be ok over makeup and may give you a dewy finish. Just be careful not to over-do the spritzing though.


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