I have recently tried this set of Japonesque makeup tools for fun flirty lashes, and I have mixed views about them. I have the Pro Flat Eyeliner brush, Demi Flair Black Lashes and Heated Mini Lash Curler. Keep reading for my 2 cents. Let's start with my favourite:

 Japonesque Pro Flat Eyeliner brush - £10 link
I love this brush.
It contains white firm synthetic fibres to create dramatically lined eyes. I have been using this with MAC fluidline and it is perfect for that winged cat-eye look. To use, just place the brush against the lash line and tap the colour across the eyelid. At first I found this to be a bit scratchy, but as I began to use it more, it became less so. Gel eyeliners are so good for the summer as they tend to last longer and smudge less than pencils, and I can definitely see this makeup tool as having a permanent spot in my makeup kit, at least for the next few months!

 Japonesque Demi Flair Black Lashes - £8.15 link
This is a super dramatic set of lashes. This is a partial strip of lashes of varying lengths that flair along the outer corner. These are made of synthetic material and are quite shiny. It comes with lash adhesive.

 Japonesque Heated Mini Lash Curler in Pink - £12.50 - link
I was most excited about this product, but I feel somewhat disappointed. This product is meant to provide a deep natural curl for hard to curl lashes, replacing traditional curlers that have the potential to break lashes with pressure. I have straight Asian lashes, albeit a bit longer than most, and curling my lashes is one thing I never forget when doing my makeup. This Japonesque Heated mini lash curler very subtly lifts my lashes - I say it gives a more 'natural curl' rather than a 'deep curl'. However, I prefer more dramatic looking lashes and I still stick by my beloved Shiseido eyelash curler.

Japonesque Heated Curler vs Shiseido Eye Lash Curler

These Japonesque products are available from HQhair.com.

Any thoughts? ♥
Have you tried any Japonesque products?

Livia xx

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


Get Lash Perfect in a Flash with Japonesque

Cigarette smoking- what do we know?

It's associated with lung cancer
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It's associated with an increased risk of heart attacks
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But hey, at least we still look fine, right?

Give us that million dollar smile...


...Is this all worth a nicotine rush?

Nicotine addictions can be difficult to overcome. Thanks to modern day research and technology, there are other ways around this: nicotine gum, patches, and the new e-cigarettes like the Vapestick

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This works by providing nicotine in a vapour form rather than smoke. It contains no tobacco. It gets rid of smells and second-hand smoke, making it family-friendly. 

I do not smoke and I have not personally tried this product, but e-cigarettes seems to be popular with celebrities these days and it sounds like a healthier alternative to smoking.

Are you a smoker? Will you give this a go?

What do you think? ♥

Livia xx


Quit the Stick

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