MAC Sail La Vie Lipstick Review and Swatches - Hey Sailor

 The anticipated MAC Hey Sailor collection is now available in the UK. It is this year's summer collection. To be honest, what drew me most into it was the packaging - it's been a while since MAC has come up with collections in special packaging! 

But after having a closer look at the collection, there are actually a lot of really good items. I've picked up 3, but I'd love to get a 4th. But will see how it goes and whether my self-control will last until that product sells out from the shops!

Anyway, here is one of the products I picked up. It is MAC lipstick in Sail La Vie. I just love that name! Awesome pun. haha. This was the only lipstick in the new collection that stood out to me. I have too many reds so I skipped Red Racer lipstick. I don't tend to wear frosts anymore so I've ruled out To Catch a Sailor. I was hoping Salut! was a more peachy toned colour, but it actually looks more like a shade of foundation so I skipped that one too.

Sail la Vie is described as a mid-tone orange. For me, it looks a little more like burnt orange than mid-tone. It is definitely bright. It has gorgeous creamy, glide-on-your-lips opaque formula in a satin finish. It is not matte and it is not glossy like some amplified cremes. It leaves a bit of a stain on your lips - makes it more long-lasting.

Here it is with MAC Hibiscus lipstick from last year's summer collection.

While they are both bright demi-reds, Sail La Vie is more orange-toned while Hibiscus has more blue and pink tones in it. They are quite different, and I wouldn't call them 'dupes'.

MAC Sail La Vie Lipstick

This is such a gorgeous lipstick. Perfect for summer! 
I l♥ve it!

Available from your local MAC Store or the website.
While stocks last!

What do you think? ♥

Livia xx


  1. Hibiscus looks more wearable but the shade of this one is a killah :) Not to mention the packaging :)

  2. Beautiful but I have Hibiscus... So I will bot buy Sail La Vie!

  3. i love it..
    perfect shade of me..

  4. This looks stunning! I love the packaging :)

  5. Wow gorgeous colour! Love the packaging too xx

  6. Man, I wish I can pull this color off :) envy girls who can! The packaging is cutesy!

  7. hi! I've found your link on specktra (I'm an active specktrette) I really like your blog!! From this collection I've taken some products and I'll do a review on my blog soon, I hope you'll come and visit me ^^

  8. beautiful, and design is so pretty.


  9. What a gorgeous orange-red color! Looks creamy & lovely. I can't wait to see this collection for myself in stores!

    xx Louise

  10. Such a gorgeous colour! Looks lovely on you. x

  11. Pretty pretty shade!! Will buy this one for sure once it is released!:))

  12. LOVE that color!

  13. i love it , it reminds me of the MAC impassioned lipstick
    <3 http://www.makeupandallthingsnice.blogspot.com


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