This Week's Favourites ♥

MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish

MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish is probably one of the best highlighters I've ever come across. It provides such a beautiful sheen. As you can see in the swatch, Superb is a lightly peachy shimmery beige. It is not glittery at all. Apply sparingly and precisely however, you don't want to look like the tin man! I'm also eye-ing up MAC Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish, which is more yellow-toned and might look better on my skintone, but it's so popular that I probably won't be able to find it anywhere. maccosmetics.co.uk

H&M Faux Pearl Collar Necklace

I finally found a collar necklace! This is from H&M for £7.99.

Graze Box

I was so excited to get this. The Graze box is a weekly box of healthy tidbits. I just love munching on tasty snacks. In my box I got Banoffee Pie, Veggie Sushi Plate, Fennel Seed & Honey Peanuts, and Basil & Garlic olives. I loved the  Veggie Sushi Plate  the most - definitely ordering that again. If you want to try out a free box, feel free to use my code -- 4PZZR44. Each use also helps me with £1 to spend on another box - I will love you for this! http://graze.com/

Homemade Sushi - rolled by the Man

I never noticed that he'd become a pro sushi roller/maker until he made this! We used pre-cooked tempura prawns from Marks & Spencer and sweet tamago cooked by yours truly. Superman rolled and cut all of this in under 20 minutes. Amazing! I just love domesticated men. Ha ha ;)

Dove Volume Boost Conditioner

What a wonderful conditioner.. there isn't a single Dove product I've come across that I didn't like! This Dove Hair Conditioner leaves my hair really soft and smooth, and best of all -- feeling light. I find that this indeed provides some volume to my hair, and definitely a bounce too! http://www.boots.com/

VO5 Deep Nourishing Hot Oil 

V05 Hot Oil is a quick fix for all you dry haired girls out there! Heat it up under running warm water in the shower, and spread on your hair. I like placing it need the ends of my hair as they need more love. It only takes ONE minute to work - don't leave it for any longer as it might be too rich for your hair. http://www.boots.com/

Moor BTH002 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

I've been looking for bluetooth headphones with microphones in them so I don't have to keep holding my phone to my ear every single time I have a phone call. The man and I speak for about an hour each night and after a while holding up the phone gets tiring. And I am just really lazy. Sometimes the speaker on the phone isn't loud enough either.
This MOOR BTH002 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is pretty easy to use and being bluetooth based - they are wireless. I use them to listen to music and for calls (in-built microphone, still don't know where it is! :P). The first time I used them, I was astounded by the sound quality. It diffuses background noise well. It is probably not as good as Bose ones, but for £34.99, it's a steal. 
My only wish for these is that they were fold-able for easier storage. But other than that I am very pleased. If you're looking for affordable quality iPad headphones, definitely have a look into these. http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/moor-bth002-stereo-bluetooth-headset-p27019.htm

Any favourites this week? ♥

Livia xx

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. the mac skin finish looks stunning. and im almost drooling at that sushi, mmm x

    1. The skinfinish is so pretty! I'm really loving it atm. The sushi was wonderful toO! x

  2. Omg that faux pearl collar necklace is super adorable! <3


  3. I love the V05 hair oil! :)
    - OPI Addict

  4. Oh myyy, I'm in love with that pearl collar. SO CUTE x

    1. These are so in season, you should definitely get one x

  5. Love the color of the highlighter...pretty! And those tidbits look sooo good..

  6. redken volumizing shampoo and conditioner is definitely a favorite this week :)
    thanks for posting!

    xx Veronica

    1. Redken -- I'll look into that. Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. I have the same MSF and its great! I might try the hot oil too!

  8. i am too away form your country to buy them :(

  9. that collar necklace is amazing


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