Who's that Pretty Owl??







I'm so happy to share with you this adorable Blue Owl Cosmetic Make-up bag from Anna Nova.
It is medium turquoise in colour with a fuchsia pop out owl, which appears to be sitting on a tree branch looking at the sun. Bit curious. And hella cute!

This super light-weight bag is about 17cm wide, 10cm tall and 7cm deep. It comes with a detachable 16.5cm long strap. It also contains one inner side pocket.

This product was meant to be a cosmetic bag, but you can use it to carry other things! It reminds me of my practical Longchamp bags - weighs like nothing, deep enough to fit in a lot of products and durable. This little bag fits my mobile phone, purse, mirror, and lipsticks, with more room to spare.

This bag costs £16.95. You can purchase this from www.RunwayCulture.co.uk. They also have other makeup bags, including a super-cute and adorable red one!

Do you have any products from Anna Nova?
What do you think? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. AHH so cute >: D
    I'm telling you there are owls EVERYWHERE lately! It's so damn trendy you can't turn around without knowing over 50 owls in the process D:

  2. So adorable and looks pleasingly roomy. I love owl motifs and decorations :)


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