New Blog Makeover!

Well, sort of. I got a bit bored with the previous look of my blog so I decided to change some things.
It used to look like this...

Very plain... kind of boring. I've had it for about 2 months now, and I was never happy with it.
I'm a girl, I'm allowed to be fickle!

Here's what I did...
- changed my blog header. I've always wanted a character or a 'muse' on the header! :)
- flipped the blog layout so now you can read my posts on the left side rather than the right,  I don't really know which one is better, but I'm happy with a 'change' to spice things up a little.
- added a linkbar below my header.

Hmm I think that's it! For 3 simple modifications, it sure took me a while. I'm no expert at HTML, that's for sure! ;)

I'm actually trying to place a linkbar above the header, but with my current blogger template I'm unable to simply shift it above. Can anyone teach me how to do that?

And for those who have visited my old blog layout, what do you think of this new one?

  Any thoughts? ♥

I'm also sorting out my 2,500 follower *yay* giveaway. I want it to be a good one and colour/look-themed like most of my previous giveaways. So be sure to watch this space ;)

For the meantime, feel free to enter in my Smile Brilliant Giveaway for an easy way to get brighter whiter teeth. It will only take a few minutes. Two winners will be chosen, and who knows, maybe you'll be one of them! :)



  1. this is great, totally adore it!

    1. Aww I'm so happy that you do. Thanks Wande! x

  2. I love your new layout and New header. Did you create that yourself? Very pretty!!!


    1. Yes, I made the header myself. With regards to the character, its a clip art I found online, which I modified to make it look a lil bit like me! Thanks hun, you make me feel proud of my work! ;)

  3. AWW. The new header soo cute. ^_^
    <3 Laura x

  4. I love your Princess character!

    1. Thanks hun, I adore her too! She's so pretty x

  5. The layout looks super cute : D

  6. Congratulatons on over 2500 followers!
    The new header is lovely too :D

  7. Love it so much lovely, and wow, congratulations on all your followers! xoxo

  8. i love the new layout! there must be something in the air because i just redid my blog layout too. haha! quick question: how did you do the link bar under your header?? i've been trying to figure that one out. is it a gadget or widget? any help you can offer would be great! thanks!

  9. I like the new layout! My favorite is the title font! Was it like that before? I'm no expert in HTML either, but I took a course on it so I'm kind of able to read through the code and figure out how to do things here and there. It's so time consuming though and I get lost in it a lot!

  10. aww 'princess livia' pic is too cute!!!
    congratulations on 2,500 followers - a very special milestone x

  11. Morning!!! I've tagged you in my 11 questions post.
    Check out your questions on my blog. :D
    <3 x

  12. I love the new look of your blog ! X


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