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This time you decide! First time ever M·A·C are producing a limited collection created for and by the M·A·C fans. A selection of eighteen most requested, cult classics and iconic shades, will be put up to vote on M·A·C’s Facebook page. Giving another chance for those fans out there to bring back and get their hands on the most wanted M·A·C shades! 

The shades to vote on include:


EDEN ROCKS - pinky beige with mauve
First seen: launched in May 2000 and then made permanent. Discontinued in February 2011.

CANDY YUM-YUM - matte neon pink
First seen: launched in Quite Cute collection in April 2011 and was the fastest selling shade in a collection in 2011

MOXIE - bright pink
First seen: launched in September 1999 in the Retro Matte Lipsticks collection and then was made permanent. Discontinued in March 2011

SHITAKI - taupe brown with shimmer
First seen: launched in the Cuisine collection in March 2001 and was made permanent. It was discontinued in February 2011

ROCKER - burgundy red with glitter
First seen: launched in the Time Rocker collection in 1999

3N - milky pastel pink
First seen: launched in the N collection in January 2008, then Warm and the Cozy collection and lastly in the Post-Holiday collection in 2009


EMANCIPATION - pale neutral pink
First seen: launched in the Wonder Woman collection in February 2011

FLASH OF FLESH - light nude pink with pearl
First seen: launched in the D’Bohemia collection in May 2005

ICESCAPE - sheer pink with pink pearl
First seen: launched in the Love Lace collection in December 2009

BAIT - iris pink with gold pearl
First seen: launched in the Lure collection in June 2006

CULT OF CHERRY - clean red with red pearl
First seen: launched in the Cult of Cherry collection in September 2008

2N - neutral yellow pink
First seen: launched in the N Collection in January 2008 and then the Warm and Cozy collection and the Post-Holiday collection in 2009


MOTH BROWN - soft metallic grey brown
First seen: launched in the Madame B collection in March 2005

GUACAMOLE - light green with gold pearl
First seen: launched in the Salsabelle collection in May 2005

SOLAR WHITE - muted white gold
First seen: launched in the Cool Heat collection in June 2008

COOL HEAT - teal with dimensional pearl
First seen: launched in the Cool Heat collection in June 2008

JETÉ - sandy coral
First seen: launched in the Danse collection in January 2006

HEAVENLY BLISS - soft golden taupe
First seen: launched in the Eden Rocks collection in May 2001

What MAC Senior Artists have to say:

Candy Yum Yum has to be my most favourite vibrant neon pink lipstick. It has a super matte finish that leaves a highly pigmented paint-like texture to the lips. It is always the first thing I go for when a pop of colour is needed for shows or shoots. It leaves the lip bursting with striking fluorescent pink colour that stands out from the rest. A definite show stopper!” – M·A·C Senior Artist, Cher Webb

“I would love to vote for Moxie Lipstick to make a comeback.... I remember this was one of my favourites when I started with M·A·C back in 2001. It was a loud, bright fuchsia shade and the best accessory for my LBD. To this day ....because of the Retro Matte texture...was one of the longest lasting lipsticks I’ve worn. 2012 needs to be the year of the Moxie!” – M·A·C Senior Artist, Debbie Finnegan

Moxie to me is the pink Ruby Woo. Super cool, trend based, stay put, need nothing else on the face, statement lipstick. It is THE colour people request coming back and even though it disappeared all that time ago, it still holds its iconic crown high in the air.” – M·A·C Senior Artist, Caroline Donnelly

“When I started working for M·A·C, the Retro Matte collection was on counter. It was a line of 6 lipsticks with an incredible velvety matte finish. The only one we still do is Ruby Woo, which we know there is nothing as vintage powdery looking as that. My favourite one though, was Moxie. The most perfect blue fuchsia shade, with super opaque coverage. There is nothing like it. We want it back, we need it back.” – M·A·C Senior Artist, Pablo Rodriguez

“Sticking with my favourite product I'm seriously going down memory lane with the red lipstick called Rocker. The collection it was launched with was called Time Rocker and it caused such a stir in Ireland at the time, the visual was so crazy and we had glitters in various colours. I honestly believe Rocker and Viva Glam 1 lipsticks got Irish women to try red lipstick for the first time. The lipstick just radiated from the stand and when applied looked like you had melted down Dorothy's ruby slippers and painted them on your lips. I had many a crazy night wearing that lipstick, it brings back tons of good memories.” – M·A·C Senior Artist, Lesley Keane

The three shades with the highest number of votes from the Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye shadow categories will form the M·A·C by Request collection that will be made available in October 2012 exclusively online, www.maccosmetics.co.uk

Voting commences on the March 12th until March 30th – so get voting!

The one product I am hoping to be re-released is MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick - I can't believe I passed on this last year!

My top 3 picks from each category would be:
LIPSTICKS - Candy Yum Yum, 3N, Moxie
LIPGLASS - Cult of Cherry, 2N, Flash of Flesh
EYESHADOW - Heavenly Bliss, Moth Brown, Solar White

Which products will you be voting for? ♥
Disclaimer: Collection details provided by MAC PR Representative


  1. what a great idea!~! i will be voting for candy yum yum too ... i've become a little more 'braver' with bold lip colours and would love to try and pull it off =)

    1. Your lips are really pretty and you can totally pull off bright lippies! I can't wait until they release Candy Yum Yum, it seems to be very popular on the voting poll so far! ;D


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