Here's my collection of NARS products. I didn't realise that I already accumulated this much! To be honest, none of these were bought at full price as the retail price seems a bit too steep for me. Some I picked up from blog sales, swaps and some discounted. I had NARS multiples before, but I've sold them away as I wasn't particularly happy with them - sticky icky. I also had a NARS Casino bronzer, but the red tones didn't go so well with my yellow skin... So these are what I have left, including a new addition to my NARS blush family: NARS Gina Blush, which I got cheaper from Buyapowa! ;)

Swatches: L to R: NARS Madly, Angelika, Luster, Laguna bronzer, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Gilda, Gina

 NARS Madly, Angelika, Luster, Laguna bronzer

NARS Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Gilda, Gina

Among these, my favourites are:

Luster - fantastic for that gorgeous golden J-Lo-esque look
Laguna - used to be my favourite bronzer, but has been replaced by the matte Benefit Hoola bronzer
Orgasm - everyone's favourite blush with pink-gold duochrome
Gina - I only got this recently, this light-medium peach illuminates my yellow skin perfectly

The packaging: I love the good-grip non-slip packaging, and that it has a mirror (unlike the regular MAC blushes), but I don't like how it gets dirty so easily. You can compare the rest with my new NARS Gina. I keep these hidden in a drawer so they don't accumulate dust, but they still get dirty.
The blushes themselves are amazing to use. Great quality. They are super soft, super pigmented, easy to blend and long-lasting. Definitely some of the best blushes in the market!

However, what is up with some of these naughty names?

Seriously, I can't believe they got away with them! It makes me reluctant to share these products with friends incase they get the wrong idea... even though NARS Orgasm is one of the most popular blushes in the makeup world!

I am on the lookout for a discounted/cheaper NARS Deep Throat blush (eugh with the name again). I was so gutted that I missed out on it when Buyapowa had it for sale! :( I'd also love to have a NARS lipstick and an eyeshadow, I just don't know which ones to pick! NARS Schiap is on my list though :)

In the UK, NARS blushes retail for £21 and bronzers for £25.

   Do you own anything from NARS?
What is your favourite NARS product? ♥


My NARS Collection

Now here's a MAC collection that I am really excited about! It's this year's nautical inspired collection, a theme that seems to be re-appearing every year. Red and peach satin lipsticks, satin peach blushes, nautical-inspired names, special packaging, I'm all over it!! Definitely saving up for this one!

Release Date: May/June 2012

RED RACER - Bright yellow red (satin)
TO CATCH A SAILOR - Highly frosted tan (frost)
SALUTE! - Neutral peach (amplified)
SAIL LA VIE - Bright mid-tone orange (satin)

CUT LOOSE - White gold with pearl
ORANGE TEMPERA - Pale peach (repromote)
RIVIERA LIFE - Bright tangerine
SEND ME SAILING - Bright yellow red

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
SAUNTER - Pale nude beige
THROW ME A LINE! - Bright true red
SHORE LEAVE - Light vibrant coral

CRYSTAL AVALANCHE - White with reflects (veluxe pearl) (permanent)
BAREFOOT - Tarnished gold (veluxe pearl)
JAUNTY - Light yellow beige (frost)
FEELING FRESH - Bright green (frost)
NAUTICAL - Navy Blue (satin)

OLD GOLD - High frosted tarnished gold (frost) (permanent)
NAVAL BLUE - Deep smoky blue (frost) (permanent, PRO)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
HANDFORGED - Metallic yellow gold (repromote)
EMERALD SEA - Kelly green
BLUE STRIPE - Dark navy

Bronzing Powder
SOFT SAND - Golden bronze with fine gold pearl
REFINED GOLDEN - Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish (permanent)

Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder
NUDE ON BOARD - Bronzy, yellow tone
SUN DIPPED - Dirty red tone

High-Light Powder
CREW - Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer

Powder Blush
LAUNCH AWAY! - True peach (satin)
FLEET FAST - Pinky, golden coral (satin)

Nail Lacquer
VESTRAL WHITE - Creamy white (creme) (repromote)
TOUCH OF RED - Bright yellow red (creme)
GOLD KNOT - Brass gold (frost)

To the Beach Body Oil
SEASIDE - Dirty blushy pink with multidimensional sparkles
MAN RAYS - Glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer

Suntint SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm
SEA MIST - Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl
AU ROSÉ - Poppy coraly pink with gold pearl
ABALONE - See through hot pink with no pearl

Brush 167SH Face Blender

Zoom Waterfast Lash Waterfast Black



  Excited? ♥


MAC Hey, Sailor Collection !

This post features my MAC eyeshadow dupes for the said quad from my personal collection. I have been an avid MAC collector for a while now, and I've realised that MAC just tends to repromote the same/similar colours in different names. So here's a look featuring my MAC Call Me Bubbles eyeshadow quad dupe from the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. The quad itself is a very pretty quad composed of Call Me Bubbles a slightly shimmery light beige, Fresh Daily a medium orange, Full of Flavour a matte coral pink, and Brash a frosty reddish copper. It is one of the girliest MAC pre-made palettes I have ever seen, and definitely one of the prettiest!

SO my dupes are as follows, all eyeshadows are from MAC.

Call Me Bubbles = Vanilla eyeshadow (perm, highlight)
Fresh Daily = Evening Aura eyeshadow (Limited Edition, lid)
Full of Flavour = Dear Cupcake eyeshadow (Limited Edition, inner crease)
Brash = Brash eyeshadow (repromoted in this collection, outer crease)

Other makeup used:
MAC Painterly Paint pot (base)
Etude House Brow Pencil
Maybelline 2 in 1 Impact Liner in Black
L'oreal Double Extend Mascara with Serum Inside (black only)

I know Evening Aura is not quite as orange Fresh Daily, however I didn't really want to purchase a bright orange eyeshadow separately as I would not really use it!

I hope this post has encouraged some of you to shop your own makeup stash. The quad itself costs a lot of money, but if you already have the shades in your own collection, you can just make your own 'version' of the palette, that way you would have saved money and gotten use of the items gathering dust in your shelf!

I've also compiled pretty good dupes for the other two palettes, so watch this space! :)


LOOK: Sweet Pastels with MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad Dupe !

A Hoarder.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am one.

If I find something I really like, I tend to buy multiples of it, but in different colours. I've had collections of tank tops, Primark jeggings, MAC lipsticks, MAC blushes, Zara cropped trousers, and now this. I strolled into H&M thinking I needed to update my monochrome wardrobe into something more season-appropriate. I loved the fit of these pencil skirts and I ended up with 3 of them: Turquoise, Coral and Electric Blue. They also had them in black and beige - boring! Thinking about it now, I think I might go back for the beige. As for the shorts, I struggled to pick just one out of the many colours so I chose the Powder Pink one, but these fit so nicely that I think I might go back for more.

Skirts - £12.99 each, Shorts - £7.99

  What do you think? ♥
And let's be honest -- Are you a hoarder too? ;)

H&M Haul | Bright Skirts & Shorts for Spring and Summer!

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining my Smile Brilliant Giveaway! The giveaway is now closed, and 2 winners have been selected. 

Winners are: 

I have already emailed the first two winners, however since only one replied within the 48h window, a third individual was selected for the second prize.

Congratulations to the winners!
And thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this giveaway!

Winners of Smile Brilliant Giveaway !

This post is a lengthy one. It my lash curling history, which is essentially a review of a multitude of lash curlers I have encountered in my life thus far. This includes lash curlers by Cosmo, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Fanny Serrano, etc. I hope this is useful for any of you looking for good lash curlers to try.

I've been through a few eyelash curlers in my life. I started wearing makeup at quite a young age because I was heavily involved in the performing arts. I took part in a multitude of musicals and shows in my hometown. Although the makeup I wore was stage makeup rather than everyday makeup, curling my lashes was still an essential.

Plastic Eyelash Curler

The first eyelash curler I've ever had was given to me by my Japanese aunt when I was about 10 years old. Oriental women generally have the most stubborn straight eyelashes that are resistant to most temporary lash curling devices. We also tend to have shorter lashes and smaller eyes, which might lead to difficulty in finding the perfect fit with lash curlers. This lash curler she gave me was this plastic one with silicone rubber that looks exactly like in the picture above. She swore by this and gave one to me. It did its purpose, it curled my lashes well. The only problem I had with it was that it was quite difficult to hold and pressing it to curl my lashes was a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, as a child, I didn't mind and I continued to use it for years.

Cheap Silver Curlers - A no-no!

When I was about 15 years old, I realised it was really becoming a pain using that plastic curler and I also started to become more conscious of different makeup products in the market. I found more adult looking lash curlers, ie. the silver ones. It was cheap, and I thought, why not try it. "It looks good, it should do the trick!" I was naive. I was using it a couple of weeks until one day, as I was curling my lashes, a couple of lashes cut off - as if I was using a pair of scissors! I was utterly horrified and swore never to use any no-name brand of curlers. It took months before that little bald patch grew out; you know how long it takes for lashes to grow. From then on I decided I needed to invest in good eyelash curlers.

Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler

Then, I found the Fanny Serrano eyelash curlers. I was getting my makeup done for my 18th Birthday Debut and the makeup artist used them on my lashes. I loved the doe-eyed effect of the entire makeup look and decided to search for these curlers. I had also read online that it was a good and more affordable dupe for the more expensive Shu Uemura ones, and so I decided to give it a go. When using it on myself, it did the job, curled my lashes a bit, but I wasn't completely happy with it. All the while I kept thinking of how much I wished I had the Shu Uemura ones as everyone in the beauty industry used and swore by those ones.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

And then one day, my mom and I were doing a makeup spree. We passed by the Shu Uemura counter, she saw me gawking at the curlers, and bought them for me. I was so happy to finally be able to try them. I was not disappointed at all, they were pretty good. Easy to hold, and gave me a natural-looking curl that lasts the day. No wonder everyone loved them. I used them for a couple of years and was happy with it.
That was up until 2 years ago. One of my oriental friends always had beautifully and dramatically curled lashes, with or without mascara, and I was amazed and puzzled at what curler she used. I finally mustered up the will to ask her, and she showed me what it was, it was the Shiseido eyelash curler. I bought myself a pair the first chance I got and we've been inlove ever since.

Shiseido eyelash curler

I don't know why this curler doesn't have as much fame as the Shu Uemura ones. It provides an even better and very dramatic curl when used especially near the roots of the lashes. It gives the impression of doll-like lashes. With average length lashes and mascara, they look like false lashes - and I've been mistaken for wearing falsies many times before. I've never had any problems with these, such as lashes being cut or pulled out of their roots, etc. and I am very happy with the results. Apart from false lashes themselves, I think this is the holy grail lash curler for everyone (especially oriental folk), I think everyone must have a pair of these.

Cosmopolitan Eyelash Curler

I have recently been sent this curler for review. I don't know if it is a product fault or the actual design, but the window of curling is an asymmetrical quadrangle, more wedge-shaped. It is easy to fit my lash fringe within the window. I love its ergonomic and excellent grip handle and overall, it is more pleasant to use than the Shiseido one.

For results, I found that it does not immediately give the same dramatic effects as Shiseido, however if used longer or a couple of times especially at the roots, it can give that effect. It provides a more natural looking curl, which I might liken to the Shu Uemura effect. I did not find this to hold a dramatic curl as long as the Shiseido one. If you want a natural looking curl with an easy to use and definitely affordable eyelash curler, this one is for you!


I know everyone says to "curl your lashes before mascara". The rationale behind this is that mascara tends to make lashes sticky especially when they are still drying, therefore the lashes tend to stick to the curlers when curling, and they are liable to be pulled out afterwards.

I, however, do not abide by this rule. I find that the curl becomes more exaggerated if curled after mascara, which I love. So what I do is I apply mascara, wait for it to dry for a couple of minutes as I do other things, and then curl my lashes, gently removing the curlers afterwards. I sometimes even wiggle it to dislodge sticking lashes, if any.

Of course, the success on using this method depends on a number of factors. #1 is your curler. I have full confidence in my Shiseido curler that it will not cut my lashes and it is easy to regulate how much force you apply with it. No lashes have been pulled by the curler to date. #2 your patience. You have to wait until the mascara is dry enough, and also be gentle in your curling and removing the curler.

In summary:

Plastic Curlers = Alright if you're in a tight budget
Cheap no-name silver plated curlers = Never buy, or buy with caution!

Good investment:
Shu Uemura, Cosmopolitan, Fanny Serrano = for natural-looking curl 
Shiseido = for dramatic false-lash effect

So that concludes my post. This is the longest I've written in a very long time. If you've gotten this far, you've done very well ! ;)

Do you curl your lashes? If so, what is your favourite eyelash curler? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


My Eyelash Curler History | Cosmo, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, etc Reviews

Hello everyone! In celebration of hitting the 2,500 followers-via-GFC milestone, I am hosting not just one, but TWO MASSIVE (20-item) giveaways! This is the second giveaway, enter the first here. These are beautiful pieces I have, some of which are brand new and some barely used. It's a waste to just throw them out, which is why I'm hosting this giveaway to let my lovely followers have the chance to add them in their beauty collection!

I can't believe that so many of you are continuously following my blog and reading my entries. I am super-stoked and super-grateful. Thank you so much for your support!

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Princess Livia's Baby Doll Kit Giveaway

Available April 2012

Everyone loves when you blush. Fashioning your choices: A new sextet of M·A·C blush powders. Go hip in bright red-orange, or add a glorious touch of peach, pink or lavender – each shade staying as bright and un-beige on the skin as it is in the palette. With a formula that’s seamlessly sheer and unabashedly buildable, what do you get? A look that says Très Cheek.
RRP: £17.50 / EURO 21.50

Lovecloud Bright mid-tone pink (satin)
Modern Mandarin Red-orange (satin)
Peony Petal Bright blue pink (satin) 
Pink Tea Neutral beige pink (satin) 
Immortal Flower Bright peach (satin)
Full of Joy Lavender (frost)

MAC Tres Cheek Collection swatches: here.

I'm so excited to see the new blushes! And the satin finish is one of my favourite MAC blush finishes.

  What do you think? ♥



Here's a very bright look for you featuring chartreuse and blue eyeshadow and my current favourite bright lipstick: MAC Quick Sizzle lipstick. This was inspired by my favourite peacock earrings (Accessorize) and the MAC Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection Colour Added Eyeshadow Quad! I hope you'll like the look. Enjoy! x

Lancome Teint Miracle in 03
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus in NC25
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base

MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Eyeshadows in White Frost (highlight, lower lash line), Birds and Berries (crease), Rated R (lid)
Maybelline 2 in 1 Shadow Impact Liner in Black
Soap and Glory Fast Lash Mascara

MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick

Lancome Teint Miracle tinted foundation arrived in my GlossyBox today, and I was so skeptical about the colour. I mean how can they provide a shade of foundation in a beauty sample box that would perfectly fit with a client's skin colour, without trying it out? I am very surprised and happy to say that the shade actually fits me! It blends with my skin very well and I'm actually liking the formula. Whether its because of skill or luck of the GlossyBox team to choose this shade for me, I will probably never know ;)

What is your favourite lipstick this season? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


LOOK: Peacock with MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick


This look features Pixi's New Fairy Face PixiGlow Palette. I wanted to see how vampy this palette can go, and I used the darkest colours of eyeshadows and lipstick.


My sweetie sneaked in for the closed eye shot... I didn't even notice!


Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation
Bobbi Brown Corrector
Pixi PixiGLOW Palette Blush
Pixi PixiGLOW Palette White eyeshadow (highlight)
Benefit Hoola Bronzer (contour)

MAC Painterly Paint pot
Pixi PixiGLOW Palette Eyeshadows: White (highlight), Dark Grey (crease), Brown-Taupe (lid, lower lash line)
Maybelline 2 in 1 Shadow Liner in Black
Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Pixi PixiGLOW Palette Dark Berry lipstick

Pixi PixiGLOW Palette (isn't it so pretty??)

The colours were not as dark as I hoped, but I suppose this is a good thing, for the average non-beauty blogging makeup-hoarding woman. This palette is versatile and colours are very wearable.
What do you think? ♥

I'll do a more girly look with this palette sometime soon. Watch this space! ;) 

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


LOOK: Dark Pixie ft PixiGLOW

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