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Hello everyone! It's Thursday and I can't believe we've already gone through half of the week. I'm currently having a break from making my presentation due tomorrow (oops!) and I want to share with you the products I have been loving both this week and last week. Well you already have a clue to what the first product on the list is *Subtlety was never a strong trait of mine...*. Now enough of my rambling, on to the rest of the post! :)

MAC Blonde Mineralised Skin Finish - £20.50
This product is so beautiful. This is a gradient of 4 shimmery pink colours from pale pink to light-medium pink. It is shimmery but not glittery at all. I have been using the palest pink colour as brow highlight and nose-highlight, all 4 shades swirled together on the eyelid, and the darkest pink shade as cheekbone highlight (with my trusty MAC 165 brush - a small tapered brush). This MSF is a wonderful multi-tasking product. I just love the pink sheen! However, be careful not to over-do it, as the shimmers can make your face look a bit oily.

I Love... Juiced Up Blackcurrant Bubble Bath and Shower Crème - £2.05
This body wash is such a treat! It smells of sweet blackcurrant, which lingers on even after you wash. I tend to take showers, not baths, and it works well as a shower creme. It is non-drying and does not seem to irritate my skin. If you love sweet berry scents and if you love Blackcurrant, this is for you. It is pretty affordable, too; it retails for £2.05 for a large 500ml bottle. This Blackcurrant wash is limited edition, so if you're interested, I recommend you checking this out at your local drugstores or purchasing online. I Love products come in a variety of fruity almost edible scents, I'm looking forward to trying more! http://www.ilovecosmetics.eu/

Lashem Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Cream - $38.00
I haven't been sleeping well for the last few weeks - sleeping late, waking early; not good. As a result my eye bags have been pretty... baggy. These serums work by tightening your undereye area, as well as the surrounding skin (eg crow's feet). For the day, I squirt a bit of Lashem Picture Perfect on my finger, pat it around my eye area and wait for it to dry. I use it after washing my face and before foundation/moisturiser. http://www.lashem.com/

Lashem 3 in 1 Eye Bright - $39.99
I use Lashem 3 in 1 Eye Bright at night after moisturiser. I squirt a bit of Lashem Picture Perfect on my finger, pat it around my eye area and wait for it to dry. This one can slightly smell offensive (depending on your tolerance) as it contains urea. Both of these Lashem products seem to help my undereye area although I'm sorry I do not have before and after shots for you. http://www.lashem.com/

Montagne Jeunesse Sensuous Spice Self Heating Face Masque - £4.99
What better way to pamper yourself in this cold winter than a self-heating face mask? This has been my favourite face mask lately. This irresistibly spicy warming masque heats up and opens pores, ridding skin of any nasties in an instant. A gorgeous and exotic blend of Cinnamon, which brightens and tightens, and uplifting Ginger, leaves your skin radiant and deep-pore cleansed. I tend to use this in the shower. I leave this to work on my face as I apply my hair conditioner and then body soap, then I wash it right off. I love it! Montagne Jeunesse currently has a 4 for 3 offer on all face masks. They also offer free delivery for all orders over £7.50.http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/

  Have you tried any of these products?
Do you have any new favourites lately?
Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. Love those face masks. I have a couple to try, and perhaps blog about.

  2. I always love those face masks, they're my favourite!

  3. I did have the MSF in Redhead, but I find MSFs a bit to shimmery for me, personally. Your Blonde MSF is gorgeous and I think it would look gorgeous on your skin!

  4. Hi just stopped by your blog! nice products.. too bad we cant get stuff like this in australia =(

    The Ugly Moments

  5. I love that MAC color!!! Gotta go get one too!!! I'm so glad to have found your blog since I love reading your posts. You're such an inspiration!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my blog. Your supports will mean the world to me! Thank you so much in advance. Have a great day!

  6. Omg the Mac blonde msf just look great, I really would like to have it!! *o*

  7. totally want the mac blonde msf! its the prettiest pinks!

    check out my blog sweetie

  8. I haven't tried any of them but I'd love to try the facial mask! Lovely blog :)

  9. OMG! Your little comment about it makes me want to go and put cinnamon and ginger all over my face...but perhaps the face mask would be better! And it's only $14! Love it! How does it compare to the Aztec mask if you've tried it I wonder.

  10. the MSF looks gorgeous and would be flattering on most skin tones. must get my hand on this!!! thanks for sharing x

  11. I haven't tried or known of these products before!! But I'm glad you shared them to us, it's always nice to see and be introduced to new products instead of seeing 83297438479324 reviews of NAKED palettes. :)


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