The Spring Glow feat. @MACCosmetics

It's still winter in London but the daytime is getting longer and I feel like we're almost into spring. To brighten up my makeup looks to complement the change in season, lately I've shifted from the matte cheek to shimmery glowy cheeks. Not sparkly cheeks, shimmery. From my makeup arsenal, these three are my favourites that I seem to be using more often these days. Let's have a closer look at them shall we?

MAC Blonde Mineralised Skin Finish
This is a gradient of four pinks from pale to light-medium pink with a silver sheen. I have previously reviewed Blonde here.

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralised Skin Finish
This one has been a favourite of mine since I picked this up a few years back. It is a medium orange shade with coral shimmers. Love!

MAC Merrily Mineralised Blush
This blush is one of my oldest. It came out when the first ever batch of MAC Cosmetics mineralised blushes were unleashed into the makeup world. It is a medium red blush with golden sparkles. It's pretty easy to over do this one, so I have to be careful to apply with a light hand. It gives that wonderful flush on the cheeks and glowy at the same time.

Now for swatches: from L to R: Blonde, Stereo Rose, Merrily

Sheered Out

And to apply these shimmery blushes I use....

Sigma Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush - F15 from the Travel Set
What would I do without this brush? This small flat duo-fibre brush just makes applying the shimmery blushes so easy without creating disco-ball cheeks! It applies just the right amount - enough that you can still build the colour to your desired pigmentation.

I'm sorry if these are all limited edition, but I'm sure there are several dupes out there in the MAC range, and some even cheaper brands. Just be careful not to use ones have huge glitters or are too sparkly as they may emphasize your pores - unless that's the look you're going for. Be sure to use a light hand or a brush like this flat duo-fibre brush to not overdo the application!

  What do you think? ♥
Have you noticed a pattern to your blush choices lately?


  1. I want all of them :( I have yet needed to venture out to shimmery blushers. Thanks for the advice too. I wish I picked up some of these when they first came out. Stereo Rose seems to be found nowhere nowadays haha

    1. Haha, I hope MAC repromotes these or release something similar! - word on the web says that there will be new MAC mineralised skin finishes sometime soon, wonder what they look like! ;)

  2. i have the first two and they are really pretty

  3. wow all of these look great !! *o* I wanna get the mac blonde msf

  4. They look so pretty. The first two seems like the colors I would pick. I'm thinking of getting myself a MAC blush. Do you prefer the normal power blushes or the mineralized skin finish?

    1. If you don't have any mac blushes yet, I would suggest trying out the normal blushes. I love the ones with a Sheertone Finish as they are really versatile to use - you can add shimmery powder on top if you want the shimmery effect. I suggest Pink Swoon and Melba blushes for starters! ;D

    2. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll check them out when I visit the MAC store :]

  5. Stereo Rose looks gorgeous, I love a good coraly colour.



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