MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick Review & Comparison Swatches

MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick is a limited edition lipstick from the MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection. It is a creamy coral pink in a MAC Amplified Creme finish. It is opaque in one swatch and feels moisturising on the lips. It looks a brighter in person than on the lip swatch, but it is not as 'electrifying' as I thought it would be.

Watch Me Simmer vs my other coral lipsticks:
L to R: MAC Watch Me Simmer, MAC Ravishing, MAC Jazzed, MAC Vegas Volt, MAC Coral Polyp, MAC Toxic Tale

No Flash

With Flash

You can definitely see that MAC Watch Me Simmer is more pink compared to my other coral lipsticks. It is brighter and more opaque than MAC Ravishing, very pink compared to MAC Jazzed, Pinker than MAC Vegas Volt, lighter than both MAC Coral Polyp and MAC Toxic Tale.

Is it a must-have?
Well I personally don't think so. I still think the stand-out product from this collection is MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick. But being the coral lipstick fiend I am, MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick is something I would probably get a lot of use from. So if you're like me, you should pick this up!

This collection is available at Selfridges in the UK and will be available to other MAC stores from March 2012.


What do you think? ♥


  1. i'm glad that you do swatch comparison, because i was wondering if it was simiilar to what i already had, but the good news is that i dont own any of the similar lipsticks that you've swatch. So this lipstick was an overall good buy. hehe

    thanks for the review. i love quick sizzle too. I was glad i reserved it, because it was sold out very quickly

    1. I'm always happy to help. I'm glad you picked up Quick Sizzle too! ;D

  2. Watch Me Simmer is gorgeous!!! I really love that lipstick and I'm glad that it's coming back with So Reel/Reel Sexy collection in April.

  3. sooo gorgeous



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