MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick Review & Comparison Swatches

When I visited the MAC Store to check out the new MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection, this lipstick was not on my list. Based on online swatches, I thought it was a generic bright pink and very dupe-able. However, when I saw this lipstick on the makeup artists at the shop, it was just so beautiful when worn and I felt I had to have it!

MAC Quick Sizzle lipstick is a matte hot pink. It is more moisturising than most mattes however. It is long lasting and leaves a slight stain on your lips even if most of it has come off. As for the colour itself, it is a medium hot pink, with slightly bluish undertones that are definitely flattering on the teeth making them appear a bit whiter! On my lips it turns a bit more bluish than on the tube.

Quick Sizzle vs my other hot pink lipsticks:

MAC Quick Sizzle, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Petals and Peacocks, MAC Gladiola, Sleek MakeUP Amp

MAC Quick Sizzle seems brighter than Girl About Town, which is a tad darker and a lot glossier. MAC Quick Sizzle is also darker and more reddish than Petals and Peacocks or MAC Gladiola, which are more blue-based. Sleek MakeUP Amp is brighter and more blue-based than MAC Quick Sizzle.

I now think this is the must-have product in the collection, which is ironic as it wasn't on my list to begin with. The photos and swatches online don't do it justice at all, you should definitely check this out at your local shop when available.

This collection is available at Selfridges in the UK and will be available to other MAC stores from March 2012.


  What do you think? ♥


  1. That looks soooo nice on!!




  2. the mac quick sizzle is such a pretty color! going to be looking out for this


  3. gorgeous colours!

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  4. That looks so great! Brilliant news about it making your teeth appear whiter- That is always something I have to consider!

    Great post!



    1. Thanks Becky! I hope you'll be able to check out this lipstick in person. It is stunning.

  5. Quick Sizzle looks pretty on you! That lipstick and Watch Me Simmer sold out so fast along with Naughty Saute, Runaway Red and Innocence, Beware! in the US.

    1. Thanks Jacquelyn! All the lipsticks in this collection are fabulous. I love your makeup haul too! ;)

  6. i have MAC's girl about town and absuloutly love it! but this lipstick does look gorgeous too, quite similar but not so similar that it wasn't worth buying :) x

    1. Yes, they do look similar, except Quick Sizzle is a bit brighter and not as glossy, but you could blot Girl About Town with some tissue to make it look more matte. :)

  7. i love your comparison swatches. very helpful in making me decide which to get, whether to get, etc

  8. The color is sooo bright! I love it!!!

  9. Unfortunately we don't have selfrifges in Ireland :( Guess I'll just have to wait :(
    Cute post


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