What an Amazing Mascara! @LashControl

I am so delighted to share with you this wonderful mascara. It is called Lash Control mascara. As of this moment, this mascara comes in 3 forms: Natural Black, 2XBlack and Clear. This shade I have is called 2XBLACK which is the blackest darkest of them all. This is the Volumizing brush with a Conditioning formula.

At first glance, you would notice that it has a a rubbery flexible middle part, called the squeeze-wiper sleeve. For this shade, it is purple. To regulate the amount of mascara on the brush, all you have to do is squeeze the purple bit as you pull the brush out. This results in no globs, no clumps, and no excess mascara on the brush. This lets you apply exactly what you want - and it is completely buildable as I've tried so far.

Lash Control separates the lashes, lengthens the more coats you add, thickens (but natural looking) and the brush bristles are short enough not to accidentally coat your the lids - it is a dream to use on the lower lashes.

The formula is wonderful. It feels light-weight, and does not have any of those ingredients that can make my eyes feel irritated or teary. You know some mascaras just have that... I don't know what it is. Like an irritating vapour/odour of some sort that make your eyes react like they've just been in close proximity to chopped raw onions. It semi-holds a curl (my lashes are mostly stubborn straight), and I have not noticed any transferring or smudging or flaking of the mascara by the end of the day. What's more magical about it is that it is easily removed just by using warm water - you don't need any soapy substance. Isn't that amazing???

with mascara, without mascara

I am tempted to say this is my dream mascara as of now! For the last few years I tended to use L'oreal Double Extension Mascara with Serum Inside Primer, followed by Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara - this is still my dream combo for really dark thick lashes. However for everyday use, using Lash Control cuts my application time in half unless I'm tempted to add more coats!, and the results are FAB!

I can definitely tell why it is so popular among celebrities :)

Each mascara tube retails for $20 (US) or £18 (UK through www.cloud10beauty.com), which can be quite expensive for something you will have to replace every 3-4 months for good eye hygiene. But if you have the cash to spend and/or intrigued by to my glowing review, I seriously recommend trying out this product!


  What do you think? ♥
Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. i love the wand..
    i wanna give it a try..

  2. wow this mascara seems to be amzing *o*

  3. i am so intrigued about this, as iv seen so many reviews and it looks so cool. but at 18 quid its defiantly out of my price range, i didn't expect it to cost that much at all. nice review :) X

    1. It is pretty expensive, but I would suggest purchasing it in the US (if ever you travel there or if you have any relatives) as it costs almost half the price. =)

  4. Really nice results! I know what you mean by irritations, colossal irritated my eyes.

  5. I've been looking for a mascara like this *A* All the ones i've used always smudged and it was hell taking it off completely.
    I would love to try this but it is really pricey ):

  6. I need a new mascara I'll be looking for this one I can definitely see the difference


  7. The wand is exactly the kind of wand I'm searching for a mascara since I always have trouble in applying the outer corners. They definitely make your lashes longer, yet it still looks natural and "soft". Sadly, in The Netherlands this brand is probably non existent. *sigh* Time for ebay I suppose!


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