Hello everyone. I am very pleased to share with you Travalo, the small lipstick size fragrance atomiser. It is an efficient and stylish way to carry around your favourite perfume without having to bring your huge perfume bottle. There are many colours designs, some clear and some with beautiful prints on it (like mine). Each of these can carry about 65 sprays of your favourite perfume so you can leave your bulky glass bottle at home!

I use this with my favourite Dior Cherie perfume. I use this perfume almost every single day. But as much as I love it, it is too big to carry in my handbag and I cannot bring it with me everywhere I go. I never wanted to transfer this to ordinary plastic bottles, because I don't want to risk spilling and wasting the product (during transferring product and in transit in my bag). It is oil-based too so I'd hate for it to be messy.

Travalo on the other hand is so easy to use. You just basically take your perfume, remove the external bit of the spritzing bit to reveal the internal spray. Take your Travalo, but the base on top of this internal spray, and start pumping the Travalo bottle up and down on the tube until you have transferred your desired volume. It neatly transfers the perfume inside your mini bottle. And voila! You can take your favourite perfume everywhere you go, and it doesn't spill in your bag. I love it!

So here's a quick run down of reasons why I love it:

Handbag sized - At just 8cm / 3 inches high, Travalo fits in most small makeup bags so you don't have to lug your heavy glass bottle around.
Travel friendly - Glass bottles don't travel well but the space saving Travalo is shatterproof and aircraft approved. It does not spill either!
Quick Refill - Travalo refills in seconds with no mess and no spills.
Affordable - Pretty and functional, and it only costs £7.99.

You can purchase this online at http://www.travalo.com/ for £7.99.

  What do you think? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


Handbag Essentials: Travalo Perfume Atomiser

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick is one that I have had for a while now. It is a reddish brown shade in a lustre finish which looks luscious and creamy on the lips. Whenever I wear this, I feel more polished and professional. I haven't been using it as often but it is indeed very wearable and flattering on the lips!

The MAC Viva Glam range supports the MAC Cosmetics' charity: MAC AIDS FUND dedicated to helping individuals affected from HIV and AIDS. HIV is a common disease worldwide affecting all ages races and sexes. It is not just sexually transmitted, rather some people may be affected congenitally through birth from infected mothers and through blood products (eg people requiring transfusions). It has several effects including progression to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) which makes people susceptible to various potentially fatal infections and malignancies, however adequate medical treatment can increase life expectancy and decrease infectivity. Therapies are expensive though, and not everyone can afford this. Every single penny sold on a Viva Glam product goes directly to the MAC AIDS FUND, which is amazing and for such a good cause.

You can read more about the MAC AIDS FUND here.

I am also pretty excited that the latest Viva Glam - Viva Glam Nicki is launched in the UK this week; I really can't wait to check it out! ;D

If you have reviewed or swatched MAC Viva Glam Nicki, send me a link in the comments, I'd love to check out your post! :)

What do you think? ♥


MAC Viva Glam VI

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry
Cherry is the latest addition to Batiste's Collection of dry shampoos. Dry shampoos are what they say on the tin - dry shampoos: 1) Vigorously shake bottle, 2) Spray on dry hair, 3) Massage the product, 4) Comb out any residues. And voila - you get de-greased lighter bouncier hair! As for Cherry, I just love its sweet cherry scent and the beautiful vintage-inspired packaging. The formula also doesn't seem to irritate my scalp. Compared to my favourite Tropical, it seems to leave more residue, which can be a bit annoying to remove on my current wavy hair. I think straight-haired people would find it easier to comb out, or maybe the amount of remaining residue is user-dependent (ie. my fault lol). I do recommend this product especially if you love cherry scents and beautiful packaging like this!

Tresemme Curl Care Bouncy Curls Defining Gel
Since my beloved Sunsilk Captivating Curls Gel & Cream Twist ran out, I have been using this product. So far, I am loving it! I use this on towel-dried and damp hair, and it holds curls well without making my hair stiff or sticky. It is super easy to use. I definitely recommend this one for wavy or curly hair! :)

  What do you think? ♥
Have you tried any of these?

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


Hair Products This Week: Batiste and Tresemme

This February GlossyBox contains a lot of daily essentials - shower products, nails and makeup - which I do appreciate! It's so much better than having all many other products I would never use. Like many other bloggers who have reviewed this month's GlossyBox, I am very pleased with mine. Now lets see what my box actually contains...

Glossybox February 2012 Review

It's still winter in London but the daytime is getting longer and I feel like we're almost into spring. To brighten up my makeup looks to complement the change in season, lately I've shifted from the matte cheek to shimmery glowy cheeks. Not sparkly cheeks, shimmery. From my makeup arsenal, these three are my favourites that I seem to be using more often these days. Let's have a closer look at them shall we?


The Spring Glow feat. @MACCosmetics


This look is inspired by spring's sweet pastels. In this look I am also wearing a my favourite matte hot pink lipstick, the new MAC Quick Sizzle from the MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection.

  What do you think? ♥


As Sweet as Candy

MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick is a limited edition lipstick from the MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection. It is a creamy coral pink in a MAC Amplified Creme finish. It is opaque in one swatch and feels moisturising on the lips. It looks a brighter in person than on the lip swatch, but it is not as 'electrifying' as I thought it would be.


MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick Review & Comparison Swatches

When I visited the MAC Store to check out the new MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection, this lipstick was not on my list. Based on online swatches, I thought it was a generic bright pink and very dupe-able. However, when I saw this lipstick on the makeup artists at the shop, it was just so beautiful when worn and I felt I had to have it!


MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick Review & Comparison Swatches

Hello everyone, I'd like to share with you the makeup I wear on most days when I don't have the luxury to spend so much time on my face - this takes me about 5-10 minutes to do. Since its all quite fresh and natural looking, it is work/hospital appropriate too. Enjoy!


LOOK: My Daily Mug

Dress - ASOS £17.50, Doubled up tights - Sainsbury's, Shoes - Clarks, Lipstick - MAC Vegas Volt

To continue on with my Scallop fascination read this post, I was so thrilled to find this lovely navy blue dress with scallop neckline and pockets on ASOS. I love the material, its a bit thick but stretchy. Good enough for winter well obviously underneath a warm cardi! There were other shades available, including a bright pink and green one, but I felt I would get most use out of this colour. It's meant to be a mini dress I think, but since I'm already mini, it's just a dress for me. ha ha


Blue Scallops ~ @ASOS

I am so delighted to share with you this wonderful mascara. It is called Lash Control mascara. As of this moment, this mascara comes in 3 forms: Natural Black, 2XBlack and Clear. This shade I have is called 2XBLACK which is the blackest darkest of them all. This is the Volumizing brush with a Conditioning formula.

What an Amazing Mascara! @LashControl

Hello everyone! It's Thursday and I can't believe we've already gone through half of the week. I'm currently having a break from making my presentation due tomorrow (oops!) and I want to share with you the products I have been loving both this week and last week. Well you already have a clue to what the first product on the list is *Subtlety was never a strong trait of mine...*. Now enough of my rambling, on to the rest of the post! :)


What I'm Loving This Week


Over the last year, I have accumulated a few Sleek MakeUP True Colour lipsticks. These are richly pigmented lipsticks that come in an affordable price. There are so many shades to choose from (20+) and they come in a variety of finishes - I have a few matte and sheen lipsticks. I also love the packaging, so sleek. *no pun intended!* They come in small black easy-grip plastic containers that don't look at all cheap. They are pretty light and easy to carry around.


My Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick Army

I have received a lot of emails from different companies wanting to advertise on my blog. At first, I was very unsure as to how it works and how I would sell blog space, the different factors that contribute to how much one should charge, and whether I do want to sell blog space in the first place.

Want to advertise on my blog?

I wore this look to the ZOMG Bloggers Bash that I attended last week (read about the event here). Since it was hosted by the vintage-style cosmetics company Rockalilly, I decided to opt for a bright lip. I didn't quite feel like wearing red at the event, so I chose one of my favourite corals, MAC Vegas Volt. I'm wearing the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Powder Pink that I got in my hot pink Glossybox, it makes my eyes look huuuge and I'm lovin' it. It's also the first time in the last 2 years *whew, has it been that long?* that I've worn false lashes, and I'm so happy it didn't end up a disaster! These amazing lashes are from KkCenterHK by the way, a wonderful source for cheap good quality false lashes, amongst other things. Well I hope you enjoy this look!


Look: Vegas Volt

Get pampered in time for Valentine's day with the January 2012 Glossybox. This limited edition box comes in hot pink compared to the standard baby pink and holiday Christmas red.


Valentine's Glossybox January 2012

Last night I attended the well tweeted about ZOMG Bloggers Bash. It was an event in celebration of a collaboration between Zozo at TheLondonLipgloss and the retro lipstick brand Rockalily, their lipstick offspring called ZOMG. The event was held in a pub near Farringdon station, London, and it was a fab opportunity to meet a few of my favourite bloggers.

I also managed to check out the ZOMG lipstick, which is a creamy pigmented reddish pink. I didn't want to try it on myself as it has been already swatched and tested by so many bloggers before me, but at least you have the swatch. :)

There were several activities, including Make Your Own Cupcake thanks to Temptation's CreationsThere were also two burlesque performances. I know, a bit unusual! These were the first burlesque performances I have ever seen, and to be honest I felt quite weird and a little embarrassed watching the show lol. However, I especially loved Miss Banbury Cross's glitzy glamorous dance. She is the face of Rockalily and she is absolutely stunning! The night ended with a raffle draw by the two hosts, Zozo and ReeRee. Congratulations to everyone who won a prize!

There were so many bloggers at the event, and people quickly fell into little cliques. It was so nice meeting these ladies and I thank these lovelies for the wonderful time, I hope we see each other again soon.

Peonies and Lilies
Moonlight Starbeam
Beauty Mouth
Do Not Refreeze
Jennifer Rosellen
Vivianna Does Makeup
Pearls and Poodles
Its a Mandy Thing
Epiphannie A
Type and Talk

* If you remember meeting me at the event, please let me know and I'll add you to the list! I'm just so bad with names, I'm sorry! :) *

Here's what I wore that night:

And thank you once again to ReeRee and Zozo for inviting me to the event!


ZOMG Bloggers Bash ! :)

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