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I did some damage last week and picked up these two things, a bag and a pair of wedged Mary Janes. I've been really loving all clothes and accessories black for the last year - I just think they look classy and are quite versatile with outfits. I suppose I'm getting older and less hippy as well. Hah.

Accessorize Curved Zip Bow Lady Bag - £35/£31.50 with student discount
I feel in love with this bag as soon as I laid eyes on it. Its a It's such a cutie. 

Primark Black Patent Wedge Mary Janes with Cut Out Detail - £16
These shoes are quite high - 1 inch platform in front, 4 inch wedge heel at the back. These are quite light compared to other shoes I've tried and they're quite comfortable to walk in. I love them!

  What do you think? ♥


  1. Ooh, that bag is the cutest thing ever! x

  2. that's a really pretty bag

  3. I love your bag!!

    Happy Lunar New Year! :)

  4. Such lovely detail on the bag, I really like it. *___* 

  5. Oooh, the bag is so cute! Esp. the heart-shaped charm! :D

  6. OMG I love those shoes! <3 ^_^

  7. these pieces are so cute and girly and you can always repeat pieces like these great purchases

  8. love the purse! very cute!


  9. These wedges are so cute and i think it is looking beautiful and the bag with these wedges is also looking good and matching with the wedges and will be good combination if taken together

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  11. I love your shoes!! *o*
    and you have a really nice blog! I'm going to follow it now =)


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