Good Girl, Bad Girl

Nude Waterfall Cardigan Primark
Lace Dress H&M
White tank top H&M
Makeup here

Cream Waterfall Cardigan Dorothy Perkins
Black Tank Top
Red Trousers New Look
Black Bag Accessorize
Necklace Old
Makeup: NARS Madly blush, Maybelline Red Glamour Lipliner, Vaseline Lip Therapy

Maybe I should learn how to crop out the background....


  1. u r rocking both the looks livia...

  2. This really does have a good girl bad girl look to it! It's cute. You're like a sweet pink angel in the first, and a toughie in the 2nd!

  3. Not many people can pull both looks of, but you certainly can! :)
    I love love love your lipsticks x

  4. Hey there love! Lookin' gorgeous as always ; D hohoho! Glad to see you blogging more often these days.. ^__^

  5. I love both but I SUPER love the 2nd look. The makeup looks super sophisticated :) xx

  6. I loved the two looks' contrast! Pink lipstick's my favourite, though the red lippy's not far behind. *roots around for my own stash...*

    Also, I'm having a HUGE blog sale at the mo with brands like Bobbi Brown, Stila and Lush. Prices start from £1.

    Would love if if you could check it out :D


  7. Oi,vim conhecer seu Blog,amei e já estou super seguindo,parabêns por seu cantinho e muito sucesso aqui!

    Te convido para conhecer meu Blog e se gostar e puder seguir também,será muito bem vinda,sinta-se em casa!

    Ah,tem 2 sorteios rolando por lá,participa! :)


  8. Love the bag and the lace dress, great looks! x

  9. your adorable! love the outfits .



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