Disney Princesses

One of my friends shared me this link and I really wanted to share the beautiful adaptations with all of you! They're all Disney Princesses or heroines to be more precise, 

can you name them all? 

And who is your favourite?

On a side note, I have been watching the American series Once Upon a Time, and if you follow my twitter, you would know I'm addicted to it. Its not particularly thrilling, does not make me feel any strong emotions and is quite slow paced... but somehow I'm just really drawn to it. Do any of you watch it?


  1. This is so cute! I love Ariel, being a redhead and all ;) xoxo

  2. I love, love these pictures. Such wonderful pieces of art !! I love all Disney Princesses, my favs would be Belle and Cinderella. ;D

  3. yahhhh I saw these a couple months ago and I'm so glad the artist is doing more characters! Her blog is here 
    http://jirkavinse.wordpress.com/ if you want to see the full bodies ^^ I think Jasmine, Meg and Rapunzel are my favs - they look exactly how I imagined :)  I love how she made Belle have that rather nerdy air about her too ^^ 

    Yahhh I am watching OUAT.  I am sadly pretty addicted to it.  You're so right that it is kinda slow paced but I have a weakness for fairy tales-gone-modern so I just must see what happens ><

  4. I love Disney Princesses!
    I can not pick just one because I love all

    Love your blog.I'm following :)


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