Glossybox December 2011

This December Glossybox has currently dominated UK beauty blogs as of late, and I'm sorry *well, not really* to add this review to the Glossybox overload. This is the second beauty box I received from Glossybox. For more on the Glossybox mechanics and my thoughts on them in general, read my first post here.

Compared to the other Glossyboxes, you would notice a striking *yes literally* difference in packaging - it's RED! Perfect for the festive season, and I'm happy to see a change in colour for more variety in my storage collection - I re-use these boxes to store my makeup and other products. In this box, I received 6 products:

Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment, Deborah Lippmann Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet, Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss in Serengeti, Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Yogi Flow, Blink + GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette in 05

I was particularly impressed by two products in this set, namely the Deborah Lippmann polish and the Blink + GO Eyeshadow and Blush palette.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Razzle Dazzle . This polish contains red reflective glitters in a dark red berry base. It is stunning in person, this photo does not do it justice at all! It takes 2-3 coats to become opaque.

Blink + Go Palette in 05. This palette contains a rainbow of 6 eyeshadow shades on the top layer, and flipping it over reveals 2 blushes: a light yellow pink and a coral shade. I have not swatched these yet, so I cannot comment on the quality.

Overall, I am a lot more impressed by this month's Glossybox compared to the November 2011 one, but if were not for the nail polish, I would have probably been left unsatisfied.

  What do you think? ♥

You can subscribe to Glossybox through their website here.


  1. Oh my! I like the nailpolish! And the blushes look gorgeous : D

  2. Lovely box ;D

  3. love the nail varnish. the more reviews i see on glossy box,the more i want to sign up. very tempting!


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