Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails in No. 3 Party Gold

Etude House Party Queen Gradation Nails in No. 3 Party Gold

I really love this nail polish trio from Etude House. Its a set of three nail polishes meant to be applied in a gradation manner. The first polish is Glam Beige is meant to be the base colour, then Crystal Gold the second to be applied mid-nail outwards (I tend to use it from the second third of the nail out) and the last Dazzling Gold from the last third of the nail.

The result is beautiful. Very dainty, glamorous nails.

About the quality of the polishes, the speed of drying of these polishes are average, a bit long-ish with more than a single coat. Dazzling Gold glitters are chunkier and can come off if you forcibly peel them off the nail, but I think a top coat like Seche Vite top coat would make it adhere better. The glitters are not as difficult to remove compared to other glitter polishes, which I am happy with.

Etude House also have other colour schemes for Gradation nails. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing a Pink one and Silver one at the store. I might check them out at the store to see if I want any more! :)

After Step 1, Step 2, Step 3

I also tried Etude Hosue Fresh Nailwash Safe Nai Color Remover. This acetone-based nail polish remover just smells lovely! It smells clean and berry-ish, which is a delight to use compared to the stronger acetone smelling scents. But compared to others, it is a bit less efficient at removing polish and it takes a few scrubs to use to remove the polish, which depends on the actual polish you're using.

Have you tried any of these?.  
What do you think? ♥


  1. these nail polishes are sooo sheer o.O!
    but its true in delicacy n daintiness :)!

  2. Yes they are really sheer! But the result is beautiful. Understated. Versatile - good for work, nights out, and special events :)

  3. Yes they are :( But I like it this way. You could use more coats, alternatively you could probably use a more opaque base and still use the step 2 and step 3 glitters. :)

  4. The big glitters are gorgeous! :)

  5. Such pretty polishes! I've always loved Etude House's packaging :) I'd love to try that berry-smelling remover!

  6. Totally! :D Please visit my blogspot ~ CyanQueen.blogspot.com


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