LOOK and Review: Sleek MakeUP Berry Collection

I haven't been THIS excited about makeup in a while!

I admit -- I am IN-LOVE with Sleek MakeUP's latest offering - the Berry Collection. This is a trio berry-toned shades: Mossberry eye kohl, Fenberry blush and Cranberry lipstick. At first, I thought a trio of dark berry shades were too much for a whole look; turns out, they're perfect together, especially for this cold winter season! The quality of these three products is fantastic; I foresee a lot of use of these products - especially the liner and the blush. Keep reading for my review, swatches - and a look wearing all three. :)

Mossberry eye kohl looks like a dark maroon on the pencil, but it swatches like a dark red violet, cranberry like. It looks very similar to Cranberry lipstick in swatches. It applies well on the lids, doesn't particularly glide or tug, and it lasts at least 4 hours on my oily lash line without smudging, fading or transferring. Its pretty good actually!

Fenberry blush is a dark pinky nude blush. At first I was intimidated by the colour, but it applies like a natural flush on my cheeks. Its darker than the blushes I usually wear, so I tend to apply this on the hollows of my cheeks for a contouring effect, as well as on the apples of my cheeks. It's quite pigmented so be sure to blend well!

Cranberry lipstick is a dark berry red colour. It's a matte, but seems to apply with a bit of a sheen. Because its a matte, you need well moisturised and flake-less lips (not like mine!). Dark colours like this tend to be more difficult to apply straight from the tube; a matching lip liner would be useful to help define your lip line.

Here are swatches: L to R: Mossberry, Cranberry, Fenberry

My look wearing all three, with MAC Blot PowderMaybelline Colossal Volume Mascara and Etude House Brow Pencil. 

For £9.99 this is a fantastic deal, you should definitely pick it up before it sells out!
This would make an awesome stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for that trendy friend of yours ;)
I believe you can purchase this at your local Superdrug or the Sleek MakeUP website.

  What do you think? ♥

Disclaimer: Some products in this post were provided for consideration for review. These are my honest opinions as always!


  1. This set is sooo pretty!  I'm especially loving the colour of that lipstick!  GORGEOUS :)

  2. You got this set! The colours really suit you!

  3. The Girlie Blogger25 November 2011 at 09:57

    Nice packaging. And beautiful vampy colors.


  4. aaaaah so prettY! love the makeup liv. sorry i havent been here for so long now, im glad to be bak. 
    sleek is soo cool <3 still loving the eyeshadow palette u got me :)

  5. Thank you hun -- I think these colours would look great on you as well! :)

  6. I'm glad you like it! I definitely recommend this set. :)

  7. Selene! I've missed you! How are you??. xx

  8. Very nice shades! Want this palette asap hahaha
    Nice blog you got =)

  9. love the makeup you did very vamp and gorgeous, so sad they dont have this in canada :(

  10. wow, these colours look absolutely stunning on you lovely!! Love the cheek colour especially :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  11. Thank you babe! I love these products so much! :)

  12. That's a shame, but I think the Sleek MakeUP website ships worldwide though :)

  13. Thanks Livia!

  14. ive been good.. going on to 4th year with excitement now. when ar u free to catch up? skype?? :D hope everythings well with u!

  15. Wow, 4th year! Amazing. :) I'm usually on skype, in the evenings here in the UK.  Hope you're doing well too :D xx

  16. It looks so pretty! I love it! ;) You're such a beautiful girl :)


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