MAC Genuine Treasure and Treasure Hunt Paint Pots

Here is a review on 2 new-ish MAC paint pots: Treasure Hunt paint pot and Genuine Treasure paint pot. Keep reading for my reviews and swatches! ♥

MAC Treasure Hunt paint pot. This paint pot is a frosty pale gold colour. It applies evenly. It is very bright and would look great with warm-toned eyeshadows.

MAC Genuine Treasure paint pot. This paint pot has antique gold sparkles with a bronze base. It would look great in a smokey eye look. It doesn't apply as evenly as Treasure Hunt.

Here are swatches:

I have been a fan of MAC paint pots for a very long time. These are my favourite eyeshadow bases underneath eyeshadows, but you can wear these alone. These are very creamy but dry to a powdery finish. I find them to be very long wearing and easy to apply with fingers or a flat paddle brush (eg MAC 252). I swatched these new ones on my arm and I tried to rub them off 2minutes from applying, but they stayed put! I have a suspicion that they've changed a little bit of the formula to make them last longer, which is awesome!!

Note: just make sure you cover the pots well after using to prevent them from drying up.

I believe you can purchase these at your local MAC store or MAC website.

What do you think? ♥


  1. Genuine Treasure looks gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful shades! The name is very suitable~ Treasure <33

    xoxo tifuani


  3. hi! how are u? i'm from argentina. i really really like your paints pots!! kisses!!

  4. great review!
    genuine treasure reminds me the coveted lancome erika. it looks so pretty.

  5. I like the colors somewhat, but cream products scare me D:<
    AND WHERE HAVE U BEEN GIRL? Or has my dashboard been fuckin' with me again? -__-" danng

  6. wow genuine treasure looks so pretty! it looks like it'd be perfect for a nice, brown smokey eye look

  7. Thanks for the post x they look so pretty ! I'll check MAC paint pots out since I haven't tried them.. I am ashamed LOL. I'm also into cream shadows now since they're easy to apply and blend.

  8. Lol, I'm sure you'll love them! Soft Ochre, Bare Study and Rubenesque are my faves from the permanent line xx

  9. Yes it is! And the sparkles are amazing :)

  10. Sorry hun! There's nothing wrong with your dashboard, I think. I've just been so busy with work and the lack of home internet is annoying! Still waiting for it to be activated.

    You should definitely give MAC paint pots a go though, they're cream but dry to a powder finish. They come in a lot of colours too. :)


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