Beauty UK Nail Polish Gift Set - West End Girl

Beauty UK Nail Polish Set - West End Girl
I am in love with this 6-piece set of mini nail polishes! The colours are quite earthy and very wearable, and there is at least one of them appropriate for every occasion. I have never tried Beauty UK nail polishes in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the mini size as they are super easy to store in your handbag for a quick on-the go application.

With regards to the formula, these were all easy to apply and dry moderately quickly. The brush strokes aren't too obvious. The colour is opaque in 2 coats - as I have used in the following swatches. 

No. 33 Coral Surprise
This is a mid-tone red-orange in a cream formula.

No. 38 Burgundy
This is a dark cherry colour in a cream formula.
No. 64 Urban Jungle
This is a mid-tone khaki colour with a cream finish.

No. 63 Cafe Culture
This is a yellow-toned cream with a slight silver sparkly sheen.

No. 62 Street Rose
This is a muted mid-tone rose colour in a cream finish. This is my favourite of the bunch!

No. 61 Posh Puddle
This is a beautiful taupe-grey colour in a cream finish. Very London-ey ! :)

The entire set of 6 costs £4.99, which is a total bargain. Each mini contains 8ml of nail polish. There are several other gift sets available, and I believe you can purchase this at your local Superdrug or the Beauty UK website.

What do you think? ♥
Which one is your favourite?
Have you tried Beauty UK nail polishes?


  1. Fan of Urban Jungle here! :D www.lovingsunshine.com

  2. :D Glad you like it! I love Urban Jungle too!

  3. The taupe color looks nice, but generally they don't really stand out to me : /

  4. That's true, these don't stand out, but I like the way that they're all pretty wearable colours. :D

  5. your nails are so cute and dinky!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  6. I was thinking about getting these:)

    Circular Insanity


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