Topshop Smoke and Mirrors Collection Haul, Review and Swatches

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update lately. I recently moved to a new flat and we still don't have internet so I am currently at a friend's place using hers ha ha. I just couldn't resist sharing my new finds with you all! ;)

 I've recently been loving the new Topshop Makeup collection for Autumn/Winter 2011, Smoke and Mirrors.  When I browsed through Topshop the other day, I fell in love with this promo picture:

.. and I decided to pick up the products that have been said to be featured in this look.
I got Lipstick in Rumour has it and Glow highlighter in Polished

The first thing I noticed about these products is the different packaging. It gives me an antique feel for some reason. The orangey-gold colours make me think of candlelight and the autumn leaves. Very fitting for the current season. I love it!

This is a creamy light beige/slightly peachy highlighter placed in a little jar. It is definitely creamy, more so than MAC cream colour bases, but definitely not watery. I really like this. It reminds me of MAC By Candlelight MSF. I have been wearing Polished on the bridge of my nose, above my cheekbones and underneath the arch of my eyebrows.

Rumour Has It lipstick. - £9
This is a pinky brown nude lipstick with a slight silvery frost. It is creamy, soft and silky and glides on the lips well. It is scented, and smells of flowers. I tend to be drawn to this shade of lip products lately; they are very easy to wear (with virtually any eye look) and because this is similar to my natural lip colour, it is very forgiving when applied on-the-go! While I love the product itself and the design on the packaging, it has a cheap plasticky feel. I wish it wasn't so, although on the upside, it barely weighs a thing inside my handbag.

Here are some swatches:
L to R: Polished Glow highlighter, Rumour Has It lipstick

I believe you can purchase these at your local Topshop or the Topshop website.

By the way, Topshop currently has 20% OFF for students! I am unsure as to when it expires, but if you have been eye-ing something from Topshop, now would be the time to get it :)

I also have my eyes on Pillow Talk lipstick and Burning Embers bronzer and blush duo :)

What do you think? ♥
Have you checked out this collection?


  1. love the highlighter!

  2. These look pretty, I can't decide whether to buy the highlighter as I have the liquid version (from the normal line) and it's pretty much the same! x

  3. I saw this collection in store & I loved the packaging! Lovely choices!

  4. The Girlie Blogger26 September 2011 at 06:02

    Love the lipstick. Pretty shade.

  5. Thanks for the reviews. Both highlighter and lipstick are gorgeous. I really want the highlighter but there isn't a nearby TopShop for me :[ but thanks for the swatches :] 

  6. If only TOPSHOP had a location near me...-sigh-
    Lovely picks though! I'm liking both that highlight color and the lippie color!

  7. Thanks for reviewing!
    Can I ask of the highlighted is better or worse than Benefit high beam?
    I reall want the highlighter, blush and Bronzer duo and nail polish in bourbon!
    ~Thanks xxx

  8. I haven't tried Benefit High Beam yet unfortunately (because I think it is just too expensive for what it is), but I really like this highlighter. My other favourite highlighter is MAC Pearl Cream colour base. Let me know if you get any of the new Topshop products! :)

  9. Try searching for online swatches, and you can order ones you like from the Topshop website :)

  10. You can try searching for online swatches, and you can order ones you like from the Topshop website :)

  11. Yes it is :D

  12. Packaging is definitely gorgeous :)

  13. I love it too! did you pick it up??

  14. you're right, that photo is indeed beautiful! and the products look great too! :)

    <3, Mimihttp://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  15. I love the Smoke & Mirrors collection!!
    I really want all the lipsticks!!
    I don't have an NUS card, and I dont know how to get one?!

  16. daniellebaskerville9 October 2011 at 19:43

    Love this collection!! I love the nailpoishes and eyeshadows. Defo going to have to try a few things out!

  17. wow, discount for students! so glad to hear it ;D the lipstick really looks pigmented, i'll keep that one in mind :) nice blog, i'm keeping an eye on it! ;D
    love * Monstros no Armário

  18. Welcome to my blog hun! Glad you like it.

  19. oh(: interesting, thanks for review, i think i need to check out the glo(:

    CMPang x


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