MAC MAC Me Over Collection Haul, Review & Swatches

I bought a few things from the MAC MAC Me Over Collection for Fall 2011, and I'd like to share with you some photos, my thoughts and swatches of the products I picked up :)

Stunner blush is a light peachy pink with a light pink sheen. I believe it would be similar to MAC Dainty blush, but I don't have it at the moment to compare with. Benefit Coralista is a lot brighter, more orange and more frosty.

Benefit Coralista, MAC Stunner, MAC Sweetness

Creamy Bisque is a frosty white-beige with really pretty white sparkles. The sparkles are obvious under a certain lighting, which are so pretty - and made me buy this eyeshadow.

Avenue fluidline is the only fluidline I've bought in years. Its a dark brown with gold sparkles. I stopped using MAC fluidlines for a while because I became too lazy to use a brush and pot eyeliner, and I stuck to eye liner pencils instead. However, this was just too pretty to ignore.

Did you buy anything from this collection?

What do you think? ♥


  1. Nope, not one pan from this collection. Not even one product from the great makeup brand. le sigh. MAC has a rather high mark-up on their tags on our counters.

    My funds are hugely spent on books and some other stuff so im skipping a lot on great brands, unfortunately.

    these are awesome swatches on your fair skin! Stunner is stunningly pink, and the creamy beige shadow looks promising for your lids. I also love the fluidline pigmentation!

  2. the blush is really pretty!! i might have to go take a look at it on the weekend :) the brown with gold sparkle gel liner is nice too~~ thanks for sharing the swatches!!! :D

  3. I wanted a few things, but in the end I just got the 226 brush. I really don't need those things right now. Sigh.

  4. I got Offshoot l/s, Moleskin e/s, Mythical e/s, Carbonized e/s, and the 226 brush from Make Me Over. You do need to have Moleskin! It is amazing!!

  5. waaaa more MAC stuff to drool on...LOL

  6. creamy bisque is so pretty - universally flattering neutral. can't wait for this collection to arrive in australia - thanks for sharing x

  7. i quit usiing gel liners for that reason too...even though i have a whole load in my draw!!

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  8. Great review. Stunner looks so pretty. I always wanted to buy something from MAC like a blush but the price tag >.<

  9. Great haul! I skipped this collection. Waiting for Posh Paradise.

  10. The Avenue fluidline looks very pretty!


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