New Layout! I need your thoughts! :)

Just a random photo. From original.dailycute.net xD

Hello everyone! I've begun to realise how cluttered my old layout was, so I modified it to be a bit 'less cluttered'. I'm no HTML expert, so I am still working on deciphering codes etc, so I will be modifying it as I go along. What do you think?

If you can remember my old layout, please let me know if you prefer this new layout or the older one! It would be so helpful to me.

Thank you! ♥



  1. well, lets see how your new layout will work.. i mean the final result
    but if most of us suggested it the old one is better...
    just make sure you save the html code this this layout..

    good luck

  2. @camilla - thank you so much for your thoughts. I'll see how it goes, but I saved the html of my old layout anyway just in case :) x

  3. Definately like this one! Looks a lot simpler =) (I don't know if the word 'cleaner' would apply here, or is it 'clearer'?). Anyways, I find it easier to navigate (and I'm glad you kept your colour scheme and background!)
    Looks great! =)


  4. i personally love your old one. its one of the things that really caught my attn about ur blog. I still like the old layout more. :/

  5. hii! im new to your blog! just saw it today.

    your blog is SOOOOOOO CUTE!

    too bad, i didnt see your last layout :)

    im reall looking forward to future posts!

    ( subscribed - just now :])

  6. I like this one but there is so much going on at the bottom it will make your blog long! Well good luck in finding a layout that portrays you!

  7. I like this one xxx


  8. i like this layout =) although i remember that your previous layout had an intro up top which i thought was very original and helpful intro to you blog xo

  9. I like this layout! Looks so cute x

  10. It looks ok, except I'm not a fan of layouts where you need to "keep reading". I prefer a whole post to be visible. Constantly having to click "keep reading" and having multiple tabs or windows to read entire posts is annoying.


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